Smart Silk Pillow Review

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What is Smart Silk Pillow

It is claimed to be a pillow that is made using natural silk fill liner encased in a natural white cotton shell making it ultra comfortable to sleep on. It is perfect for every type of sleeper due to the availability of 4 different loft levels. Its many advantages include moisture wicking behavior that reduces night sweats, and certified asthma and allergy-friendly design for people with need of a cleaner, healthier sleep environment.

Smart Silk Pillow Features and Benefits

A good night’s sleep – Smart Silk Pillow guarantees that it helps in providing the most restful sleep that is required to rejuvenate the body to begin the day in a great way. Sleep is an imperative part of the body cycle and inadequate or uncomfortable sleep means the body did not get the well deserved sleep. This can affect the mood and also the day will pass by groggily. Also if the parts of the body are not well rested, they may end up getting stiff, which can make normal functioning during the day a problem. Smart Silk Pillow allegedly has done thorough research to back its ingenious design that helps not only to just get sleep but to get the best sleep ever, every night.



Ultra-comfortable design – Smart Silk Pillow promises to provide comfortable sleep on the basis of its all natural design that does not use any type of chemical. The exterior is claimed to be entirely made of natural long strands of Tussah silk floss which is stretched in a way that it forms sheets and is layered multiple times. Tussah silk grows in the wild and has natural abilities to regulate temperature and has wicking properties that get better after each use. The entire silk lining is then enclosed in a 100% natural, breathable soft cotton material that is pre-shrunk. The thread count of the outer shell is kept to 233 and additionally blended with cool and comfortable micro gel, adding to numerous advantages to the pillow over regular ones.


Innovative Technology – Smart Silk Pillow states that it has certified moisture wicking technology that comes to it from the use of natural materials that let air circulate through it easily. Since the air passes frequently it prevents any moisture build up that takes place in regular pillows. Also it makes Smart Silk Pillow more absorbent than traditional bedding thus reducing moisture to provide comfortable sleep. There are several advantages to having such a natural material starting with Smart Silk Pillow’s claim to work as a barrier to dust mites and allergens. These dust mites and allergens have the ability to thrive in warm and humid environments over human skin flakes and animal dander.

The temperature regulation in the pillow ensures that there is no comfortable moisture or heavy environment for the dust mites to thrive on. The chemical-free Smart Silk Pillow also convinces to be advantageous as it is resistant to mold and mildew too. The design also ensures there is no cold air pockets on the pillow and that it does not take on the body odor. One of the best advantages counted upon the naturally fire retardant Smart Silk Pillow is declared to be the fact that it is machine washable and dryable with properties that get better after each wash. All these features convince to make Smart Silk Pillow definitely a great pillow to provide a clean and healthy sleep environment.



Smart Comfort Levels – Smart Silk Pillow asserts to help people get optimum sleep by not just letting them use a breathable pillow but a pillow that is designed as per their sleep pattern. This is why it is available in 4 different loft levels to help users select as per their correct comfort level. The pillows are designed in such a way that it allegedly aligns itself with the curvature of the spine, natural set of the shoulders and a neutral neck position. In short the pillow lets the muscles of body relax well so that the body gets sleep that is refreshing and rejuvenating.

Smart Silk Pillow claims to be engineered using scientific study of different types of sleepers. It includes people who sleep on their back, side, stomach or in multiple positions throughout the night with choices of pillow in various sizes as per requirement. Smart Silk Pillow is stated to be available in three different designs namely Standard, Queen and King. The standard pillow comes in a size of 20″ X 26″, Queen in 20″ X 30″ and King in 20″ X 36″.


What do I get?
1 SmartSilk Pillow in your choice of size & comfort level. Price – $89.85 today (Standard & Queen sizes), and $99.84 for the King size + $19.98 processing and handling. Official website:



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