Slip Zip

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What is Slip Zip

It is an amazing pillow case that zips around the pillow to provide with a perfect fit without the need of tugging and pulling it for hours.

Pillow Case that Slides Easy:

Slip Zip promises to be the most user-friendly pillow case there is available today due to its amazing design. Most pillow cases are made to fit the pillow which is why it takes a lot of time and effort in pulling, pushing and tugging the pillow into it. This literal pillow fight is one that cannot be won easily and which is why Slip Zip is asserted to be a handy solution for it. Unlike traditional pillows that have a constrained one open end that is forced and pushed over the pillow, Slip Zip have two open sides, one which readily zips up once the pillow is comfortably placed inside it making the task of putting pillow in a pillow case very easy.


Uncomplicated design:

Slip Zip maintains its stand of being the best pillow case due to its use of streamlined zipper technology called the full zip side seam design that effortlessly conceals the zipper as if it doesn’t exist. Further ahead the zipper hides seamlessly under the soft seam cover of Slip Zip making it invisible. The whole process hardly takes any time which is why it is stated that Slip Zip can be used by anyone at home. Also it is sized in a way to provide cover for all standard sized pillows regardless of whether it is flat or fluffy. The material used in making it is of high-grade ultra-soft cotton unlike other covers of mixed material. This breathable material gives high level of comfort and cooling to the head while sleeping on it. The zipper is also placed in such a way that while sleeping one will never feel that it exists. Slip Zip declares that it is designed in such a way and given a color that it can match any home décor very easily thus making it a universal pillow case one would ever need or home. Also there is no fuss in washing Slip Zip at all since it comes with a guarantee of being completely machine washable and dryer safe.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Slip Zip for $14.99+P&H.
  • Official website: No Information Yet
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