Sleep Number x12 Bed

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What is Sleep Number x12 Bed:

It is a bed that claims to offer you optimum comfort with the help of intelligent sleep tracking.
Sleep Number x12 Bed is meant for anyone who would like to have that relaxing and rejuvenating sleep every night. You understand the importance of a good night’s sleep that can make you feel refreshed the next morning to take on the world. Its significance is much higher today given that we are coping with high levels of stress. But an uncomfortable bed can make things harder for you, which is why you need Sleep Number x12 Bed, according to its claims.


Sleep Number x12 Bed makes the most of intelligent sleep tracking

Sleep Number x12 Bed is brought to you by a renowned name that’s synonymous with adjustable comfort. And they have ensured that this bed lets you experience comfort with your own Sleep Number setting. It has the limitless ability to elevate your body position and makes sure that you can optimize your sleep with intelligent sleep tracking. Sleep Number x12 Bed is made using advanced comfort materials and is known for features like voice activation that mean you are in control of getting good sleep every night.

Sleep Number x12 Bed is completely adjustable to suit your needs

Sleep Number x12 Bed allows you to adjust the firmness on each side so that you can elevate your upper and lower body in just about any way you like. That could lead to ultimate comfort you want to experience while sleeping. Sleep Number x12 Bed is also known for its DualAir technology, and the intuitive remote it has lets you find your individual sleep number setting with ease. You have several options like choosing the side of the bed, favourite position for reading etc to get the completely customized experience.

Sleep Number x12 Bed helps you understand your sleep better

It is said to be the first bed that lets you track and optimize your sleep. Sleep Number x12 Bed can do that with the help of Sleep IQ technology that comes into play here. This technology works by tracking your breathing, heart rate and movement. You can also see the results every morning to monitor things. Sleep Number x12 Bed will also offer you suggestions based on that so that you can sleep much better at nights and feel rested.


Sleep Number x12 Bed offers you complete support and comfort

One of the advantages of Sleep Number x12 Bed is the layers of memory foam known to relieve pressure. They combine in a way that you get long lasting comfort and support in every position, according to its claims. Sleep Number x12 Bed has a soft soothing knit fabric that forms the sleeping surface. The comfort layer includes a three inch multilayered memory foam and two inches of support layer. Thus you get support and luxurious comfort at the same time. In addition to that you can get more comfort and support with the extra 1 1/2inch foam layer.

Sleep Number x12 Bed works on your voice commands

That’s a major highlight of the state of the art Sleep Number x12 Bed. You don’t have to keep on top of some tricky controls to use it; simple voice commands can do the job for you and help you adjust the bed according to your requirements. Sleep Number x12 Bed lets you change your sleep number setting on each side, bed elevation with voice commands. You can even get a massage simply by asking, according to its claims.

Sleep Number x12 Bed can be a sleek and elegant addition to your bedroom

While the comfort your bed offers you is imperative, you also want to make sure it’s high on style quotient. Sleep Number x12 Bed is said to score highly on this count as well because it has a classic modern design that can easily coordinate with your bedroom furniture. The side panels of the Sleep Number x12 Bed can add further style to the decor of your bedroom. Moreover you can also add the nightstands, which not only keep your electronics and necessities organized but light up with touch of a button too.


    What do I get ?

  • You can select Sleep Number x12 Bed from following size & price
  • Queen $7,999.99
  • King $9,999.99
  • California King $9,999.99
  • Split King $10,499.99
  • Split California King $10,499.99
  • Flex Top King $10,499.99
  • Flex Top Cal King $10,499.99
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