Sleep N Dry

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What is Sleep N Dry?

It is a smart pillowcase, which maintains that your pillow can now be clean and dry like you want it to be.
Sleep N Dry assures you a good night’s sleep and relaxing time in the morning even after going to bed with wet hair. Yes, now you can shower at nights and yet sleep comfortably without worrying about your pillows, according to its claims. We look forward to your Sleep N Dry reviews to offer us more information.

No messy, wet pillows

The secret of Sleep N Dry lies in microfiber layer, that absorbs moisture and helps dry hair faster. Moisture lock barrier keeps pillow dry and you don’t have to worry about sleeping with shower caps and towels. We will verify these claims after going through Sleep N Dry reviews.


Versatile for use
Sleep N Dry is perfect to be used after leave-in conditioners, overnight oil treatments, on the beach or by the pool. It fits all standard sized pillows and is machine washable. Sleep N Dry reviews can confirm that.

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