Sleep Clean

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What is Sleep Clean?

Sleep Clean is a soft, flexible and comfortable pillowcase crafted with natural anti-bacterial silver fibers to permanently prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria.

Sleep Clean CLAIMS

Eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria
Designed with silver coated threads, the Sleep Clean pillowcase eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria.


Durable and Long-lasting
Similar products user harsh chemicals treatments and their anti-bacterial effects decline over time.

The Sleep Clean pillowcase is designed with advanced fibers that are completely covered with naturally antibacterial silver and woven right into the fabric so the effect does not weaken over time! The permanent antimicrobial protection won’t wash out or weaken over time. Even after 200 washes the Sleep Clean pillowcase will work as effectively as when you bought it.


Magnificently soft, comfortable and breathable cotton
The Sleep Clean pillowcase is made of super soft and comfortable 300 thread count Supima cotton. The long staple Supima cotton makes Sleep Clean luxuriously soft, flexible, comfortable and breathable.


Simple, elegant design
The simple, elegant design makes the Sleep Clean pillowcase look great with any bedding and décor.


Eco-friendly – Safe to use
The Sleep Clean pillowcase is eco-friendly and 100% chemical free making it very safe to use.
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