Shower Wow Review

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About Shower Wow

Shower Wow states to be a shower head equipped with LED lights to give you a relaxing and colorful experience while showering. Shower Wow assures to be easy to install and encourage your kids to get into the shower without a fuss. It promises to need no batteries to work since it is pressured by water.


Shower Wow Review

Shower WOW is nothing new or unique product, there are plenty available at, ranging from $10 to $50, many of them have been tried and tested and have fairly good reviews and ratings. Before buying the Shower Wow LED showerhead you must know some disadvantages about the product.

Pressure Drops – The Shower Wow LED showerhead has some kind of a small generator inside which lights up the LEDs, this will decrease your water pressure slightly and if your water pressure is already low this might not work up to your expectations.

Loud – Because Shower Wow has a mini generator inside – It is loud, higher the pressure louder it gets.

Misleading Graphics – The Shower Wow pictures shown on the official website are very misleading. The Shower Wow does not change the color of the water it just has 8 LEDs of different colors. So don’t expect colorful water out of the Shower Wow.

Expensive – At $27.90 Shower Wow is expensive. when you have other options at, Walmart, Target and other stores.

Made in China – The manufacturer does not mention where the product is manufactured. Shower Wow not be very long lasting and the LEDs look cheap, and probably made in CHINA.

Backordered – There are people who have ordered the Shower Wow LED showerhead and still have not received it after 3 months. It seems the distributor does not have them in stock.

Should you Buy Shower Wow? We recommend not to buy Shower Wow yet, most customers have not yet received the product and hence there are very few reviews about the product itself. If you are ready to wait for a couple of months product will be available in local stores at half the price.

How does Shower Wow work?

Showering doesn’t have to be a boring task, and can be a whole lot of fun, as the makers of Shower Wow convince. You can transform the water from your shower into a colorful display of lights, as the claim of Shower Wow goes. Shower Wow proclaims to change into all colors of the rainbow so you will feel like you are on your personal dance floor while showering. Shower Wow promises that it is easy to fit. All you need to do is replace your old shower head with the shower head of Shower Wow. Releasing the faucet leads the water pressure to activate the LED lights to give you a colorful experience in the shower.

A wow experience in the shower

To get your kids to shower is a constant struggle. But the new Shower Wow alleges that kids will no longer resist showering because of the excitement it promises. Shower Wow emphasizes that it transforms regular showers into a light display with its LED lights of different colors. Plain water will transform into all the colors of the rainbow from orange, blue, green to violet with light blue and teal blue colors added. Shower Wow maintains that it needs no hardware tools or a professional plumber to install and it states to be so easy that anyone can install it in replacement to a traditional shower head. Unlike other showers with LED, Shower Wow proclaims that it does not require any batteries since it is powered by the pressure of the water thus ensuring that you do not waste money or resources on using it.

Universal fit for any shower head

No matter what kind of shower you have, Shower Wow guarantees to fit it since it comes in a universal size to fit any standard shower head. The superior-quality chrome finish assures to make Shower Wow ideal for any bathroom décor. Just about anyone is guaranteed to be wowed by Shower Wow. Whether it’s a toddler who won’t get into the shower in spite of all the hard work will be attracted by the colors to agree to shower. While in the shower, the toddler will be distracted by the lights so that the parent can clean him peacefully. It’s a lot of fun for the kids and teenagers who bore easily are also asserted to get into the shower and have fun there. Since it makes for such a fun experience, Shower Wow asserts that you will have a relaxing time in the shower while having a colorful experience. It proclaims to give you years of continuous light show in the shower.

What do I get?

You get Shower Wow and a Twinkle Tub Light for $14.95 plus $15.9 P&H.Official website


4 thoughts on “Shower Wow Review

  1. We bought the shower wow for my 4 year old. It was used 3 times before it didnt work anymore. It was Super expensive. If it worked I wouldnt be tripping about the price.

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