Shower Dry Review

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The best way to beat stress or drive fatigue away after a hard day’s work is to take a nice hot shower. But, after the shower you also have to deal with wet and messy floor outside the shower area and the heat escaping out of the shower curtains because they slide back and forth resulting in a gap making the water spill and heat dissipate. But now Shower Dry can get rid of all these problems without you having to invest in expensive sliding doors for your bathroom.

How does Shower Dry Work

You can do not have to even change your curtains and yet get water resistance. Shower Dry can help you do so quickly and effectively and prevent a messy bathroom floor, mildew and also water starting to seep in from the ceiling that is underneath the bathroom floor.

The shower area has a limited space and water spills through the shower curtains that are installed to reduce the spillage. Shower Dry converts these very curtains into a door like design making them work magically to block all the water and heat from escaping the shower area. Shower Dry reduces any cost that can be incurred by replacing curtains. Instead, it has a water resistant magnetic property that seals off the two sides perfectly well. Shower Dry is a two piece design in which one fixed magnetic strip is connected on the fixed side of the bathroom and the other part is put upon the curtain. This part is magnetic in nature too and sticks with the main strip to seal the curtain like a door.

Shower Dry is easy to install since it doesn’t require any professional help. There is no need of nails, screws or even using messy glues. It comes with a peel off strip which is to be removed to ready Shower Dry for sticking and placing it on the wall. Shower Dry does not just help keep the floors non-slippery and secure but is also strong enough to provide service for years to come. Also it is completely mildew resistant making it safe for children and seniors.




What do I get?

  • 12 Double Shower Hooks
  • Mildew Resistant Shower liner
  • SHOWER DRY Magnetic Curtain Seal

All this for just $14.99 and $14.99 p&h. Official website



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