Secret Pocket Pillow Review

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Kids just love the secret pocket pillow. Not only is the pillow comfortable and comes in cute forms but it has a secret…a hidden pocket. It can hold toys and boats, rings and other things or your super-secret notes.


Secret Pocket Pillow
It is very easy to make your secret pocket pillow. Give your pocket a zip and keep everything that the hidden store can fit. The super soft, extra comfy, color variant pillow comes in lovely designs like Florence Flower, Cody Car, Bella Butterfly and Rocco Rocket.

No matter where you go to play…the secret pocket pillow will never give your secret away. The sturdy pillow made of highly durable fabric is soft on the outside but very strong inside.

The super soft secret pocket pillow is made of highly soft materials with double stitched seams for extra sturdiness. Oh… and it comes with a 9 inch zipper too!!

Variants of color to get your secret pocket pillow matching and coordinated with your room decor. It is so much fun for kids that they take their secret pocket pillows from fun-time to downtime.

Not just that, the kids takes their secret pocket pillows to music time, sleepy time and story time. With the cute design and highly durable soft fabric pillow, you can take it on trips; see what all it picks just to the top when it finally zips.

Shh… it contains presents from tooth fairy too! Gift your child or grandchild his/her very own secret pocket pillow. The smile on their face, a thank you twinkle in their eye and big hug to you will be unmatchable and totally a moment worth living.

The secret pocket pillow comes with a 30-day guarantee and a hush-hush secret toy with it. Select from Cody Car, Rocco Rocket, Bella Butterfly, Florence Flower



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5 thoughts on “Secret Pocket Pillow Review

  1. My daughter really enjoyed the secret Pocket Pillow, she carries it everywhere. But I do think that the material is cheap! And the product not worth the price, including shipping and handling, it kinda a rip off. They need to lower the price, all in all my daughter was happy! But I wouldn’t recommend the purchase.

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