Rubber Duckie & Friends

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What is Rubber Duckie & Friends

It is a playful and gentle bath and shower wand for kids that claims to make sure they enjoy their bath times.
Rubber Duckie & Friends emphasizes that now your kids will enjoy their bath time so much that they will actually look forward to it. How often have you struggled to get them in a shower or bath for that matter? They just hate this time and can do with a playful friend who can cajole them into taking a bath. That’s what Rubber Duckie & Friends are, according to its claims.

Rubber Duckie & Friends make shower time enjoyable for kids

Rubber Duckie & Friends maintain that they turn bath time into good clean fun. What many don’t realize is that there are kids who are actually scared of showers and bath times. They need a cute and comforting presence around them, which will ensure that their bath time is fun every single time. Rubber Duckie & Friends stress on the fact that they do just that bringing a smile to kids’ faces while wiping away their tears. It can actually result in your kids looking forward to their bath time.


Rubber Duckie & Friends are easy to install

Rubber Duckie & Friends are very simple to get started with and you don’t need any special tools for installation. You can do the job yourself within a matter of few minutes. The good thing about Rubber Duckie & Friends is that they can be attached to any standard shower arm. It has a two way diverter, which makes it simple for you to switch back and forth whenever required. There’s also the 6 foot hose, which means it can conveniently reach just about anywhere in the bath tub.

Rubber Duckie & Friends are an all in one solution for you

With Rubber Duckie & Friends you get a suction cup mounted holder that makes it complete with your cute friend’s matching feet. In fact it is a complete set that includes a wand, hose, diverter and a mount for your requirements. Rubber Duckie & Friends are not only fun to use in the shower but they lead to a softer and gentler spray that won’t sting, making it safe to use with your kids. You and your kids will not dread shower time any more.

Rubber Duckie & Friends has several cool and fun options

Rubber Duckie & Friends include exciting options for your kids. From Duckie the Duck to Froggie the Frog, Hippie the Hippo to Dollie the Dolphin and Rickie the Rhino; these options are cute, fun, friendly and definitely comforting for your kids. You can easily swap these Rubber Duckie & Friends whenever you want and make sure your kid has its favourite when in the shower the next time. You can also get the whole set, which can be the perfect present for baby showers, birthdays and during the holiday season as well.

What do I get?

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