Royal Pedi Shower Stone Review

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Are you worried about the hard dead skin forming on your feet and wants to find a solution to get them back to their normal self? Such feet might even discourage you from sporting your feet bare on the beach, or wearing a sexy sandal which exposes most part of them. If you want soft and beautiful feet again, there are numerous products available in the market ranging from foot creams to scrubbing stones which shave off the dead skin from the feet. But these products do not really work well and a visit to a salon will need a lot of money. But now with Royal Pedi it is easy to have soft and silky feet right at home without any worries and satisfaction guaranteed.


Royal Pedi Shower Stone
Royal Pedi is a revolutionary product which can be used to scrub the feet to get a baby soft skin right in the shower. Different other methods like shaving the skin off using stones can be really messy and at the same time the dead skin falling can look gross. Such scrubbing products also have a drawback of being attached with mildew and fungus over a period of time. Royal Pedi eliminates all these drawbacks with its amazing design and ease of use.

Royal Pedi is designed in a foot shape and can be easily stuck on the bathroom floor and be used while taking a shower since it is completely slip proof. It is an amazing stone that can remove dead skin on the feet by simply rubbing them against it to get rid of layers of dead skin. The most amazing feature of Royal Pedi is that it kills 99% of bacteria and fungus that grow in the bathroom by its ionic charge function thus making it safe and a long lasting solution for soft, healthy feet.

Royal Pedi is handcrafted in America and is the only stone in the market which provides hands-free comfort of cleaning, massaging and exfoliating the foot at the same time itself. It is completely safe and can cause no harm, infection or injury unlike pedicure tools can. As a special offer a free Royal Pedi Mini Stone with its pouch and a Royal Shea Moisturizer is provided with Royal Pedi.



What do I get?

  • 1 Royal Pedi Shower Stone
  • 1 Ultra Thick Moisturizing Lotion
  • 1 Royal Pedi Mini

All this for just $19.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling. Official website

Email –



Royal Pedi Shower Stone Video


7 thoughts on “Royal Pedi Shower Stone Review

  1. A friend of mine, Lucio, bought The Royal Pedi Shower Stone and Hand-Held Mini for me. I immediately fell in love with this product! Being summer, I run out of the house a lot barefoot causing calluses to appear more often. Instead of making more frequent trips to get a pedicure..The Royal Pedi Shower Stone made my feet soft and smooth and looking even better than if I just left the nail salon!

    – I gave the Hand-Held Mini to my brother… He does landscaping and is constantly using bare hands. He also is a frequent gym goer!.. Lifting weights without gloves causes hard, cracked callused hands. After using the Hand-Held Mini his hands looked perfectly manicured after a day of work! This is a great gift idea for Father’s Day or any hard working man’s birthday!!

    The Royal Pedi gets five stars from me! *****

    Grazie Luc xo –

  2. I thought this was crap, told my girl it wouldn’t stick .. but it does, so freaking easy to use. I am glad its made in USA finally a product that does what it says…just need to change color of stone so I can buy one.

  3. The Royal Pedi Stone is germ free from what the website and all the literature says, and it works great!!

    I’m a guy and my feet have never looked and felt better. I use it everyday while I’m taking a shower…I don’t bend down, waste time and I don’t have to clean anything..

    I enjoy it and would def recommend it to anyone looking for a fast easy way to get rid of dead skin.

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