Restform Airbed Review

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If you were to come across a bed that needs no space always as it opens and closes only when you want, wouldn’t you jump to acquire it? Check out Restform Airbed, the multi-functional inflatable bed that opens at the touch of a button within minutes so that you have a luxurious instant bed any time and everywhere!

How does Restform Airbed Work

The Restform Airbed serves as an excellent extra bed that demands no space as you can open it only when needed. It can be inflated quickly and easily, and wrapped up as conveniently into the size of a carry bag. It’s the revolutionary way to create the perfect place to crash on only when needed. Now you don’t have to feel sorry for owning a house that’s not exactly sprawling when guests come in overnight. You can provide them the most comfortable place to sleep in by simply unfolding The Restform Airbed!

This amazing solution that’s available as double as well as single airbed is perfect for small flats, college dorms, inside camper vans tents and more. The technology used is the Restform air core design, which supports the body and ensures you experience no discomfort while sleeping. Your back and spine receive the correct support owing to its design and structure. The surface of the airbed isn’t hard too, and its comfort control valve allows you to adjust the soft/firmness of the bed for a soothing sleep.

The system employed in The Restform Airbed ensures that it can be used as a single bed as well as a double bed, so you can decide the size of the bed as per your needs. All you need is a push of the button, which gets it to open up instantly without having to do anything manually. Since it’s generously spacious, you can move about, toss and turn without disturbing the other person sleeping beside you.

Having the Restform Airbed means you can save paying hotel bills as you won’t have to put up your guests in expensive hotels, nor cram your home with extra beds, so make sure you buy one today!




What do I get?

  • 1 Restform Raised Airbed Double
  • 1 Restform raised Airbed Single
  • 1 AC Pump
  • 2 Restform Carry Bag
  • Instruction manual
  • Adapter (to connect the pump with the valves)
  • 220/230V. European plug – a special adapter plug

All this for EUR 99.00 Official website



Restform Airbed Video
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