Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser Review

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About Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser

Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser asserts to be a hands-free toothpaste dispenser that delivers the perfect amount of paste you need so that there is no dropping and wastage. Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser proclaims to install in seconds on any surface, tile or wall and replacing the toothpaste tube is just as easy. Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser maintains to get even the last drop of paste out and eliminates the struggle of squeezing the tube when the toothpaste is running out.



Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser REVIEW

Not delivered properly – Nina who bought Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser complained in her review that it arrived in a bent box and the item was cracked. The tooth dispenser kept coming off the wall and was just very messy. She followed all the instructions to the T but it just wouldn’t work. Her husband had to use silicone to keep it up. Finally after all the hassle she decided to throw it away.

Design issues – Sara who reviewed Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser exposed in her review that the dispenser lets out too much toothpaste with one push. The toothpaste keeps dripping even when you aren’t trying to squeeze it out. After some time when she put it in her kids’ bathroom it stopped dispensing any paste at all. She feels there are serious design issues that cause these problems.

Doesn’t live up to expectations – Sonia who used Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser revealed in her review that firstly it didn’t stick and it was all quite messy. She also noticed that the inside of the dispenser was blue and sticky. It has been designed poorly, which means toothpaste is always clogged and it’s difficult to clean. Finally it fell off after a couple of weeks and the adhesive side double tape was weak.

Not worth the price – Nick who bought Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser complained in his review that it didn’t stick to the wall and ripped the paint of the bathroom wall. He can’t repaint the wall and the dispenser won’t stay in place to cover it. The plastic case was flimsy and he had to buy sticker tabs separately. Taking it out is also not easy and cleaning it is a pain.


How does Press2Paste CLAIM to work?

Instead of squeezing the toothpaste tube and dropping the paste all over, you just need to insert the toothbrush into the slot of Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser and push to press the paste onto the toothbrush. The patented Vacu-Force pressure pad of Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser convinces to release the perfect amount of toothpaste from tube of any size. It declares to have suction squeeze technology that squeezes the tube to the last drop. Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser guarantees to be so easy to use that even a toddler will get the right amount of paste from it.


Toothpaste won’t waste

Brushing our teeth may clean the pearly whites but it doesn’t always keep the counter as clean. And that is because you might accidentally end up squeezing too much paste out of the tube and it drops on to the counter or the bathroom floor. Kids are especially notorious for doing this frequently. But now the Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser convinces that you would never have to waste the toothpaste or make your counter messy. Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser is a hands-free toothpaste dispenser that you need to push press the toothbrush into and it dispenses just the right amount of paste right on the toothbrush. No matter how young your kid they will allegedly never end up dirtying your counter or their hands and clothes. With this, Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser states to keep the counters as well as skin clean.

Easy to install

Along with its great functioning, Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser emphasizes to install in just seconds to any surface, tile or wall. Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser proclaims that it needs no electricity or batteries to work and is great for the entire family. Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser maintains to work with any brand of toothpaste on the market and size of the tube. Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser promises to get the paste out right to the last drop without wasting any. Squeezing the tube when it is down to its last drop is a struggle and you end up wasting quite a bit but Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser declares that with its suction squeeze technology it squeezes the last drop too. When the toothpaste is over, installing the second tube into the dispenser is maintained to take just a few seconds. Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser assures to keep the tube off the counter and cabinet to save space too. The dispenser promises that getting your kids to brush their teeth will no longer need coaxing them because they will love using it.


What do I get?

You get Two sets of Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser plus Toothbrush Holder set for just $12.99 plus $6.99 processing and handling.Official website

3 thoughts on “Press2Paste Toothpaste Dispenser Review

  1. Product would not dispense toothpaste (even after “primed”). I finally just told my daughter to just squeeze the toothpaste tube to get it out. So I pretty much paid for a toothpaste HOLDER. I called and said product doesn’t work: they said they would refund the 12.99 by not the 6.99 shipping. So I would have sent it back and paid the $6.99 shipping for them plus whatever it would take to ship it back. Apparently they’re making their money this way or by people who just don’t care enough to send it back. It is a scam.

  2. I ordered the Press2Paste dispenser the beginning of May for my grand-daughter’s birthday. Never heard from them. I called 3 times and they keep giving me dates that it will be sent but never came. Now it is July and the last call I made to them they said it comes from China and it will be shipped at the end of the month. What kind of business is this? Why did they not at least let me know when shipping would be when I first ordered it? They have all my info and now I am still waiting. When you call it asks if you want to place an order. Take it from me……don’t order this. I have a feeling it will never come and I am not happy that they have my info.

    • After 3 months, and a letter that my order couldn’t be filled in a timely manner, (so would be canceled) the product showed up in the mail today! And yes, my account was charged! Unbelievable!

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