Power Shower Review

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What if your shower could deliver twice the force of an ordinary one and yet use just about half of the water? Switch over to Power Shower and let twice the force flow on you and save nearly half of the water! This incredible shower actually indulges you with twice the power of an ordinary one without making you spend extra! Power Shower indeed is a fantastic addition you can make to your bathroom and really enjoy the daily task of bathing, which may not be so exciting.

How does Power Shower Work

The Power Shower secret is its power to create a high-velocity turbo jet effect perfectly and naturally. It is powered by air, which on infusing with water, packs heavy duty power in the flow through the shower. This is the advanced air-infusion process, which pushes the flow of water to the extremes through Power Shower and sprays water like nothing else can!

You can use Power Shower even if your home has low pressure system. It is able to work under challenging conditions such as the new low-flow building codes or due to its age or size. You can count on Power Shower to bring you the experience of power packed flow. It uses the same source or pressure and yet brings about a huge change that you’ve always wanted. You will certainly feel the difference whenever you step in the bathroom. Besides, you don’t even have to worry about spending extra money or consuming more water, because you simply don’t on account of its smart mechanism. It saves virtually 50 % of the water that an ordinary shower uses and also involves no extra expenses either.

What’s more, even though the force of Power Shower is nearly double, it causes no discomfort or inconvenience of harsh pain that heavy water flow naturally cause due to the sheer force. With Power Shower, you don’t have to waste any water but actually conserve it, nor do you have to shell out extra money. All you have to do is upgrade your shower by simply switching over to the brilliant, smart Power Shower!




What do I get?

  • 1 Power Shower in your choice of style (Handheld or Overhead)
    and in the color of your choice (White or Chrome).

All this for $29.95 plus $7.95 P&H Official website buypowershower.com



Power Shower Video

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