PooFume Review

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What is PooFume

PooFume is a spray for the toilet that claims to prevent the repulsive smell in the loo from escaping. PooFume needs to be sprayed before using the toilet and it proclaims to eliminate all nasty toilet odors effectively so people won’t know when you use the toilet.


How does PooFume work

To get rid of the nasty odors emanating from the pot when you go to the loo, you just need to spritz the PooFume before you go. With its alleged blend of natural essential oils PooFume assures to form a layer just like a film on the surface of the water in the pot. When you’re finished, the film of PooFume alleges to take form of a protective barrier that traps the nasty odor from escaping.


Stink, stink, go away
It’s most embarrassing to go to the loo and leave a nasty odor behind. You can’t really help it but would so much like for your toilet to smell fresh especially after you’ve just gone. PooFume is a before-spray that convinces to tackle this problem of embarrassing toilet odor. Even though there are air fresheners and other methods to eliminate odor but they only freshen the air and the effect is gone in minutes and the stink comes back. But PooFume asserts that when it eliminates the odor it will do so from the source, that is your toilet bowl.

PooFume states that you need to spritz it on the water of the pot before you use it. PooFume maintains to create a film on the water so that when you are done, it works as a protective barrier to trap the odor. PooFume has its subtle and citrusy scent release and make the air fresh and fragrant even right after going to the loo.


No more embarrassment
If you are expecting guests and by chance need to use the loo just before they arrive, it can be so disconcerting because the toilet will stink when they want to use it. But PooFume promises that you do not have to deal with the embarrassment because it will eliminate the odor as soon as you are done. So, you can host your guest confidently even when it’s your boss, an important client or maybe your daughter’s boyfriend’s parents who are visiting. Similarly, you can carry the bottle along when you travel or even when you use a public toilet because it assures to be light and portable so that you wouldn’t have to deal with nasty toilet odor either. If you use the loo no one will know who raised a stink.


No harsh chemicals
PooFume declares to be made of essential oils so it does not use harsh chemicals. Because of its fresh aromatic fragrance PooFume assures that you do not have to use air fresheners whether at home or your office. With its subtle fragrance, PooFume emphasizes that it will never be obvious that you are using it to do away with nasty odor from the toilet because it will be like using an air freshener. The spray convinces to come in handy for the entire family. PooFume proclaims to come in two fragrances – Seville Orange and Citrus Fresh and each bottle can give you up to 300 spritz so each bottle claims to last long.


What do I get?
Get 1 Bottle of Poofume and 1 Travel Size Bottle for $10 + $5.95 S&H | Official website: PooFume.ca


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