Pillow Huggers Review

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About Pillow Huggers

Pillow Huggers are plush toys and pillow cases for kids that claim to be the most adorable ones ever. It maintains to be a plush toy with a smiling face that can be played around with and turns into a hugging friend at night. Available in six different designs, it assures to also come with a pillow and is great for travels or sleepovers.


How does it work

Pillow Huggers states to have a hidden pillow case that needs to be opened. Then place your pillow inside the case and fasten the arms and legs of Pillow Huggers to each other. Your hugging friend assures to turn into a cute pillow for the night. The attaching arms and legs also fasten around the waist or neck of the kid to let them play and jump around without falling off.

Plush toy to pillow

Your kids are assured to have the cutest friend in Pillow Huggers but this claim needs to be verified by user reviews. Pillow Huggers convince to be plush toy and pillow case rolled in one. Your kids can allegedly play with the toy all day and when night draws in, with the hidden pillow case and a pillow included, Pillow Huggers declares to turn into a pillow too. It would be more beneficial if there were enough user reviews to certify this claim. Kids are guaranteed to get a warm hug from their cuddly friend whenever they want with Pillow Huggers with its arms and legs attaching to each other. This makes the Pillow Huggers sound too fanciful, only reviews will reveal how true this is. The plush toy declares to fasten so well in a hug that your kids can even run and jump around with Pillow Huggers, a claim that has yet to be verified by reviews.


Super soft and cuddly

Pillow Huggers promise to be so soft that your kids will love cuddling up to them, there are not ample reviews to expose this claim. Whether they are scared of sleeping alone in the night or going on a long, tiring car ride, Pillow Huggers proclaim to give warm company. Only user reviews can expose how true Pillow Huggers is to this claim. Or, you can also take only the toy and attached pillow case on your travels and place the hotel pillow inside the case of Pillow Huggers. So your kid’s friend will go wherever they go. That sounds too far-fetched so waiting for user reviews would be a better idea.

Different designs to choose from

Kids can choose from the different pillow designs with Pillow Huggers, though so far there haven’t been many reviews to confirm this claim. There’s allegedly an adorable pup, a cute cat, Sporty Chimp, Tuxedo Frog, Rainbow Unicorn, and Star Teddy to choose from. Only such fancy claims can be substantiated by reviews. Pillow Huggers proclaim to be great to play indoors and outdoors and also for sleepover fun with friends. If you found these claims to be true, write in reviews to us.

What do I get?

You get Pillow Hugger and Pillow for your Featured Pillow Hugger for $19.99 plus $9.99 P&H.Official website pillowhuggers.com


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