MyFirst Pillow

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Children need proper attention and care not just while they are awake but even while they are sleeping. MyFirst Pillow is an amazing pillow that is designed especially for children between the ages of 3 to 8 years. Just like you will not allow kids to wear adult footwear since they are too big for them similarly a pillow which is used by adults does not necessarily suit children well enough. Plus they need the right support since their bones are in the growing stage and need the right attention.


MyFirst Pillow
MyFirst Pillow is a specially designed pillow which fits perfectly for use by children since its size is appropriately tailored. It has the dimension which is altered to 1/3rd size of the widely used standard/queen pillow and is about 12” wide x 18” long and 1” in gusset. It has a very comfortable build and a custom patented fill which is of medical grade and is completely resistant to allergies. This helps it to be more comfortable than regular pillows while maintaining healthy surface perfect for keeping the kids safe from attracting any type of allergies. Children have a tendency to sweat a lot at night. For such purposes its quality material stays cool throughout the night, which is a very important feature of this pillow to keep children cool for sound sleep. It is also fully washable and dryable as many times required, making it easy to clean unlike other pillows.

MyFirst Pillow is not just for kids though, because it provides various other solutions too for adults. People who need pelvic support can place this pillow between their legs while sleeping on the side for a comfortable sleep benefiting from its smaller size in comparison to the bulk of larger pillows. It also is handy enough to place it on the chair for optimum back support at work or home and perfectly fits as the ultimate comforting pillow in the car while traveling. To back its features MyFirst Pillow comes with a 60 day comfort guarantee plus a 10 year warranty. Make it a part of your kids’ essentials as it’s the perfectly right choice for them!



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Buy the MyFirst Pillow for just $29.95 + Shipping. Official website



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