My Swivel Bed Tray Review

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My Swivel Bed Tray is designed to keep everything you need in handy close to your bed and within your reach. It allows you to easily lay your hands on items when you are tucked in bed so you won’t have to get out of bed to fetch them. It is the ultimate swivel floating table that adjusts to any bed.


How does My Swivel Bed Tray work?
It has a leg height from 13”-17” to easily and securely fit any mattress. It features a specialized rubber coating preventing items from slipping or sliding off the tray. It is also versatile, lightweight and portable, and can be easily folded and stacked for it to be conveniently stored. My Swivel Bed Tray can also be attached and detached very easily.

So you can now keep your TV remote, snacks and beverages, night lamp, books, glasses, water bottle, phone and even your laptop on top of My Swivel Bed Tray for convenient access.

You can even use My Swivel Bed Tray for dorm rooms and RVs, and it can be used on bunk beds and water beds too.
It is very simple and easy to assemble without the need for any tools.

So replace that heavy night stand with My Swivel Bed Tray today.My Swivel Bed Tray Review
The Swivel Bed tray is modestly well-made and is easy to assemble. There are just two metal bars that snap together. Swivel bed will work fairly well unless you get a defective one. Defective trays wobble, also they are good only to hold a few lighter items up to 10 lbs or so. But it is worth the price especially if you get it for under $20. This swivel tray is available with and



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Order My Swivel Bed Tray for a low price of just $29.95.



Reviews and Complaints
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My Swivel Bed Tray Video
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2 thoughts on “My Swivel Bed Tray Review

  1. Does the My Swivel Bed Tray easily adjust to any bed?

    Does it prevent objects from slipping off the tray?

    Is it a better product to use than a night stand?

    Is it lightweight?

    Is it portable?

    Can it be folded and stacked for easy storage?

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