Magic Mirror

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What is Magic Mirror:

It is the addition to your regular mirror that will let you see clearly in the steamiest conditions.
Magic Mirror seems to be a clever addition to bathroom mirrors that you tend to rely on when you want to shave or dry your hair for that matter after a shower. But that often becomes a problem because the bathroom gets steamy and leaves the mirror foggy. You have to keep wiping to make sure you get the clear view again. Magic Mirror claims to offer you a smart solution around this, according to its claims.


Magic Mirror works well because of the patented nanotechnology layer

That’s the secret behind the Magic Mirror, which ensures that no fog will be formed on your mirror in the first place. It’s the same material that gets used in pro racing helmets, where clarity is of great importance. And you get that kind of clarity with Magic Mirror, no matter how steamy the bathroom gets. Now you won’t have to wipe or gripe those fogged up mirrors in the bathroom and save yourself time.

Magic Mirror can be applied easily for your convenience

Magic Mirror doesn’t need any special installation and you just have to line it up and stick it on. It is also said to be quite easy to clean and you will have a 100% crystal clear view all your life. Magic Mirror works without any glues or adhesives needed and there is no sticky residue left behind. It is said to work efficiently in very high temperatures as well; in fact it won’t get fogged up with blasting super hot steam as well.


Magic Mirror is supposed to be convenient for your use

The good thing about Magic Mirror is that you can use it with just about any mirror; you can take it with you when travelling or on your business trips. It can be used in dorm rooms or apartments, giving you clear mirrors everywhere. It also makes sense in busy households and kids seem to take a shine to it as well.


    What do I get ?

  • Get 1 Magic Mirror Plus Magic Shave Shower Mirror for $10+$10.98S7H.
  • Official Website :

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