Lather Cloth

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Lather Cloth claims to be the most luxurious bath accessory you can have in the shower. You know a refreshing shower can be rejuvenating and offer you respite from duress and stress your body is put through. Lather Cloth is meant to offer you that pampering experience, which you so richly deserve. It is said to give you a home spa like treatment, which combines the benefits of a loofah, wash cloth, mesh bath pouf and back brush. Thus it promises to give you a luxurious experience when you are in the shower.

Lather Cloth claims to combine several benefits

While it is said to bring together the rejuvenating effects of different bath accessories rolled into one, it also allows you to work up a rich lather with bath soap or a shower gel. Lather Cloth can then exfoliate your skin while it is cleansed, thus adding benefits of exfoliation as well.

Lather Cloth can lead to a soothing experience

It promises to give your body that rich lather sensation while you have your shower. It results in stimulating the senses in your skin, which can ensure that muscles in your body relax. Your tense body can get the soothing experience it deserves and you can add an aromatic bath gel into the mix to get utmost luxury, according to its claims.

Lather Cloth is cleverly designed

It has the mesh side that can help with skin exfoliation so that dead skin cells are sloughed off. It also claims to brighten your skin and keep pores clean so that you can get the most out of the skin care products you use. Its washside cloth gets rid of the dead skin cells and any dirt residue that is left on your skin. The rope handles on the other hand work well as a back scrubber to give you glowing skin.

Lather Cloth is easy to store

It doesn’t collect any bacteria unlike loofah and can last 10 times longer than the latter. It’s machine washable and quite durable. Lather Cloth can be used for men skin care and tanning prep too.


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