Kwik Sip Faucet Review

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Indoor plumbing is one of the greatest inventions of all time! Faucets are great, but still you have to bend over after brushing your teeth to rinse them; or use a yucky bathroom cup. Cupping your dirty hands to get a drink is not such a good idea!


How does Kwik Sip Faucet work?
If you are tired of bending, slurping and sipping from a faucet every day, you need to adopt a better method; the way of the Kwik Sip! Kwik Sip is the greatest invention since indoor plumbing! With a press of a button on Kwik Sip, you can magically turn a regular faucet into a convenient, fun and easy water fountain!

You can now easily grab a quick drink. Press the button again and it returns to a regular faucet. You won’t have to ever again use the scummy cup in the bathroom, waste unnecessary money on paper cups; you won’t have any dirty glasses. You can take your fill, rinse your mouth easily.

Filling up tall containers from faucets can be a messy job, but Kwik Sip adjusts easily and goes high enough to fill the tallest container. You can adjust it low to grab a sip; it swivels to wherever you want it! There’s no mess on the floor with Kwik Sip. If you can change a light bulb, you can easily install Kwik Sip; twist the tip of the regular faucet and twist on the Kwik Sip, that’s it!

It makes every day chores easier. Kwik Sip is so clever and convenient that you’ll want to put one on every faucet!



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Get 2 Kwik Sip for $20.00 and $6.99 processing and handling.



Reviews and Complaints
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Kwik Sip Faucet Video
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2 thoughts on “Kwik Sip Faucet Review

  1. We have the Kwik Sip on all our sinks. Kids love it for brushing – ( makes it cool) My teenage daughter likes it to help rinse with her braces. I love it because it makes rinsing my teeth after brushing so easy and convenient. My husband also uses it for taking his medication in the bathroom sink and doesnt need a cup. Its really a household item we use daily. Easy to install / directions are enclosed in package, can also adjust height of water flow

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