Kosy Wrap Snuggie

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You want to do everything possible to ensure you are not uncomfortable during those bitter cold winter months. But you know turning up the heating in the house can actually end up burning a hole in your pocket. Regular blankets are alright but you are constantly worried about them slipping and falling when you have them around you and want to read up a book or pick up something you need for that matter. That’s why you need Kosy Wrap, a blanket with sleeves that will stay snugly with you and let you get on with your activities without feeling the cold.

How does Kosy Wrap Snuggie Work

This clever blanket has been specially designed for your comfort and now in those winter months you have an accomplice that you won’t be able to do without. Whether you are watching TV or reading your favourite book, this blanket will keep doing its job of keeping you warm. It gives you the freedom of doing things you want to do while you stay warm. Another highlight of this blanket is that it’s made using super soft, comfortable luxurious fleece material, which gives you that cosy experience.

You will also be pleased to note that this blanket comes as a one size fits all; it makes it perfect for all members of your family. It’s just perfect for the tallest and the smallest member of the family who can now stay warm at all times. There are built in foot warmers that you find with this wrap and this is what ensures that you don’t have cold feet because they are tucked in warm nicely. You can walk around wearing this wrap as well and with the oversized sleeves you can use your hands without any difficulty to do the chores you want to.

What’s more, you can make the most out of this wrap when you go out camping. Light the fire while you have this blanket on and make sure there’s a warm and cosy ambience for all to revel in. In fact you can enjoy all your outdoor activities with this soft but sturdy wrap that can be used every day.



What do I get?
Kosy Wrap single for just £14.99 + £ 6.99. Official website Bestdirect.co.uk



Kosy Wrap Snuggie Video

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