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How does it work?

Kahuna Grip Review

Kahuna Grip Infomercial Video

What is Kahuna Grip

It is a non-skid, non-slip bathtub and shower mat that can be attached to the bath tub to ensure that there are no nasty slips.

Kahuna Grip claims to be the right solution for you in case you are worried about your bathroom surfaces being quite slippery. You like your time in the bathtub but it can be filled with risks, especially when the surface is wet. You don’t want to take any chances in case you have elders at home and now you won’t have to because Kahuna Grip promises to offer you a safe and smart alternative.


How Does Kahuna Grip Work

How often have you gotten into the bathtub wondering if you would fall and hurt yourself? Are you worried when the elders in your house go for their showers because they have to deal with slippery surfaces? In such instances Kahuna Grip maintains that it can offer you much needed peace of mind because it has been created to ensure that there are no slips. Kahuna Grip also has microscopic surface fractures that grip your feet when things are wet, thus making sure that there is no worry of slips and falls.


Kahuna Grip has been specially created

Kahuna Grip asserts that it was designed to keep surfers’ feet locked on wet boards. It has worked for the likes of champion surfer Sunny Garcia and now this same technology and design has been brought into people’s homes to offer them safety and comfort. Kahuna Grip emphasizes on the fact that it worked on different surfaces in your bathroom and helps you stay safe when it gets wet. The secret of this grip lies in its patent pending HydraFold material. It not only makes it functional but highly effective too, according to its claims.

Kahuna Grip is convenient for use at home

Kahuna Grip claims that it doesn’t require any professional help for installation. Nor do you have to go through any tricky process along the way. The adhesive surface sticks nicely to the bathtub or any other surface in your bathroom. And when you are done using it, the grip peels off without any difficulty too. Importantly it doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind. Thus Kahuna Grip guarantees that you can just set it and forget it, while it keeps doing its job for you for a long time.

Kahuna Grip Claims to be Durable

Kahuna Grip is made in the US and promises to be durable. In fact it even suggests that it just won’t tear while being as thin as a thumbnail. It is 14” by 27”, which makes it ideal for most bathtubs. Kahuna Grip also stresses on the fact that it is non abrasive and won’t cause any damage to your bathtubs. It’s also anti bacterial and capable of resisting any mould and mildew. Thus not only do you get protection from slips and falls that can occur but from the nuisance of mould too.



Kahuna Grip Review

About the word “Kahuna”

Kahuna is a Hawaiian word synonymous to a priest, sorcerer, magician, wizard, or an expert in any profession.

No Reviews

There are no Kahuna Grip reviews available online – this means only one thing, customers have not yet received the product yet.

Old Wine in New Bottle?

Kahanu Grip resembles “No Slip Mat”, the same product that is manufactured by the same manufacturer VersaTraction. There are no reviews for this mat either.

Does Kahuna Grip work?

The Kahuna Grip seems to be derived from VersaTraction’s “Peel and Stick traction” for surfboards. Reviews suggest that this traction works pretty well on the surfboards, it gives surfers the same grippy feel like as the wax but without the mess. It looks like Versatraction has adapted this peel and stick film to bathtub mats so it does seem to be a promising product.

HydroHold – Mystery Material

Although it is too early to know whether Kahuna Grips works or not because it is a fairly a new product and customers have not received it yet. But there a few things you should note before buying Kahuna Grip, the official site KahunaGrip.com does not mention what material is this product made from. They manufacturer of Kahuna Grip just mention that it is made from patent-pending “HydraHold” material but there is no information available about it on the internet. This sounds suspicious. The manufacturer also claims that it is made from the same material that surf boards are made of but again fail to reveal the info.


Kahuna Grip comes with a heavy price, your order includes 2 Kahuna Grip mats for $10.00 + $15.90 S/h. The Shower Mats are even more expensive: 2 for $14.95 + $15.90 s/h.

Should You Buy Kahuna Grip?

We advise you to skip on Kahuna Grip for now. Kahuna Grip is not any miracle product like they make it sound, there are tons of similar products available at Amazon.com, BedBathBeyond.com, CVS and Target.com. You just need to spend some time to research the right product and check the reviews. You can also wait for a few months and this product Kahuna Grip will most likely show-up in the “As Seen On TV” section of CVS, Walmart etc where you can buy it under $10 and return it if it is crap.


Is it a scam?

AS FOR NOW all the above factors make Kahuna Grip sound like a scam. But we will update this section once we get actual product reviews.

What Do I Get?

  • Buy Two Kahuna Grip for $10 plus $15.9 S&H.
  • Official website: kahunagrip.com

    Kahuna Grip Video


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