IllumiBowl vs Glow Bowl

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Compare what does it do? IllumiBowl vs Glow Bowl

IllumiBowl – It is a motion-activated light that can be attached to the rim of any toilet to illuminate the inner bowl to help see in the dark. IllumiBowl is automatic so it senses movement in the bathroom and turns itself on with its motion-activation sensor. One can set it to a single color or change between red, orange, green, teal, blue, purple, pink and white. This helps in ensuring that no one trips in the bathroom due to a lack of light, hunting for a switch while being in a groggy state or making a mess in the toilet due to poor lighting.

Glow Bowl – It is a high-quality toilet light that transforms a toilet into a nightlight within seconds. It has motion-activated sensors and is light-sensitive with options of using seven different colors – blue, purple, aqua, yellow, red, white or green. The motion activation ensures that every time someone enters the bathroom it lights up to show them the toilet bowl position. This is extremely helpful at night when there is little or no light in the bathroom.

Compare how does it work? IllumiBowl vs Glow Bowl

IllumiBowl – It sits under the toilet seat thanks to its suction to the outside of the toilet bowl rim. There is a hook attached that reaches over the edge for providing the light to the inside. It houses a motion sensor too to detect movement and turns the light on and off depending on arrival or departure. IllumiBowl is powered with AAA batteries that are easily available and will be available in water resistant material in the future.

Glow Bowl – The toilet illuminating bowl has a flexible design with an arm that lets the user bend it in any direction to configure a snug fit for differently shaped bowls. The lights of Glow Bowl are driven by AA batteries and can be controlled with a dimmer feature that can be used to select brightness level of the light as per the customer’s preference and requirements.

Compare how is it powered? IllumiBowl vs Glow Bowl

IllumiBowl and Glow Bowl – Both these toilet bowl illuminating devices require 3 AAA batteries to function. These batteries last for a long time and rechargeable AAA batteries can also be used.

Compare how to install it? IllumiBowl vs Glow Bowl

IllumiBowl – It comes with multiple four mini suction cups on its plastic body which is approximately the size of a deck of cards. There is a rounded motion detector with 4 suction cups in the back. The suction cups help IllumiBowl to stay on the porcelain material of the toilet bowl firmly. There is even a flexible cable of 2-3” slack that is to be wrapped over the top of the toilet bowl for easy installation. Additionally, a plastic clip is provided to hold any additional cable length that is not required. There also is a suction cup that lets a user place IllumiBowl inside the rim of the toilet and it cycles through eight exciting different colors using 5mm LED that can last for up to 100,000 hours of use.

Glow Bowl – The users will require a screw driver to install and start using Glow Bowl. The screw is to be placed through the slot in hinge post and toilet bowl mounting holes to begin with. The screws are to be fitted and nuts are to be screwed upon the underside of toilet bowl. Once the seat is placed in the desired way on toilet bowl the screws should be tightened further to ensure that they stay in place using a conventional screw driver. The hinge cover of Glow Bowl is to be closed and locked for ensuring the process has been smooth. Periodic checking of the device is recommended for ease of use.

Compare material? IllumiBowl vs Glow Bowl

IllumiBowl – It is made from recyclable plastic.

Glow Bowl – ABS Plastic. Glow Bowl is made from ultra-water resistant plastic.


Compare Price: IllumiBowl vs Glow Bowl

Glow Bowl – $15 at

IllumiBowl – $11 at


Compare how long does the light stay lit?

Glow Bowl – For 30 seconds when no motion is detected.

IllumiBowl – The light stays ON for approx. 2 minutes


Compare Dimensions: IllumiBowl vs Glow Bowl

IllumiBowl – 2.2 x 1.2 x 2.2 inches

Glow Bowl – 3 x 1.5 x 2.5 inches


Compare how long do the batteries last?

Glow Bowl and IllumiBowl – Approximately 2 months


Compare how long does it last?

Glow Bowl – For a few months. It is cheap plastic.

IllumiBowl is ever cheaper than Glow Bowl may last for a few weeks


Can the light be dimmed?

Glow Bowl – Can be dimmed.

IllumiBowl – NOPE.


Can you set the time?

Glow Bowl and IllumiBowl – NOPE.

Compare REVIEW: IllumiBowl vs Glow Bowl

Glow Bowl REVIEW

It is a disappointed because the red LED may stop working. One would expect that it would last longer than 2 months but it does not.

It may work great for about 2 weeks but after that one by one all the colors start to go out. Finally after about 3 weeks the light may not even come on. Even after replacing the batteries there were still no lights.

It’s cool when it works and is positioned just right but you have to hook it inside the actual bowl on the side, a bit unhygienic.

It’s the worst design ever. The light works perfectly but the light sensor is made of cheap plastic and isn’t sealed. If it flips into the toilet then its cheap “water resistant” design instantly fills with water in under a second flat.

There should be a better way to hang the device on the toilet. It gets in the way if a man lifts up the toilet seat and to clean the toilet. But the sensor does work for the colors.

12 thoughts on “IllumiBowl vs Glow Bowl

  1. I bought one Glowbowl and got one for a gift. Both only lasted about 4 months. I tried to change the batteries but that did not make them come back to life. I called to number to complain and they said, “Sorry only warranted for 2 months”. I asked for a supervisor and they transferred me to some other lady that did not even know what GlowBowl was and said that they do not do any work for GlowBowl. I am afraid that it is a waste of money to get them. It was fun when it worked but I would expect it to last longer than 4 months. Very disappointed in customer service and quality of the product.

  2. Even I am pretty happy with Illumibowl. I am actually one of the people who backed it on Kickstarter and am really happy that they delivered what promised unlike many other creators. If you are still on the fence about buying it, let my review convice you to do so-

  3. I have had to replace batteries about every 2-3 weeks. Now after about, 4 months dead nice since I purchased 20 of these damn things and gave them to friends and family, what a waste.

  4. Just a warning to anyone buying a Glowbowl from rather than any of the cheaper knockoffs from any other company: BUY THE CHEAPER KNOCKOFF.
    In August 2016 I looked into purchasing one for my father who, at his age, is up using the bathroom several times a night. I thought they were pretty cool but then I read the reviews of how, after changing the batteries, the Glowbowl no longer functioned. I had found Glowbowls for about $14 on Ebay with free shipping, but they were $19.99 from the manufacturer – plus tax and shipping, making each one about $7 more from Glowbowl. I contacted Glowbowl directly with my concerns about the reviews and this was their response:
    “Yes, we actually just released our 2nd Generation of GlowBowl’s last week. We discontinued the version that people were having issues with for that exact reason…too many issues.
    The 2nd Generation is updated inside and out. There are upgrades to it as well. You can see the new version on our site directly”.
    I bought 3 of them from because, when I asked about older units being out there and being able to distinguish the old from the new because they look alike, their response was:
    “Unfortunately, that is the chance people take. We only have one authorized dealer through eBay and everyone else is not an authorized dealer. This product was just released two weeks ago so there are still steps that we’re taking to update the information without losing any of our reviews.
    Amazon does not even have them yet so really, it’s just us selling the new ones. And don’t get me wrong, no ALL of the old units are bad…it was just a higher percentage than we would have liked. If anyone has a bad old one, we replace them with a new unit if they come directly to us to let us know about the issue they were having”.
    Dad’s was the first whose batteries needed replacement in May 2017 – not even a year. It no longer works. I contacted Glowbowl again, and it turns out that the warranty is only for 60 days and they were not going to replace the unit. Folks, if you’re buying batteries that don’t last 60 days, then you might get a replacement unit from Glowbowl!
    The short of it is, get the cheaper knockoff units because they’ll probably last just as long for less money.

  5. Haven’t tried/purchased the Illumibowl
    But Globowl is total JUNK and not only hang on toilet
    but needs to be flushed like the poop
    Poop it is

  6. Glowbowl is a horrible company. Ordered this product 2 months ago and have still not received nor have I received a refund. I find it hard to believe that Shark Tank endorsed this company.

  7. Great review on Glowbowl and illumabowl. Exactly as I have found them. Does anyone make a similar light that lasts for any length of time?

  8. Since many reviewers say this item lasts for only a few weeks or so, I think I can get by without it. Yes, it is a novelty and guests at my home would be amused by it, it’s just not worth it for such a short life span.

  9. Whoever wrote this is an idiot. Did you even read what you wrote or rather copied and pasted here? Can they both be dimmed? You said no and right before that it says glowbowl has a dimmer feature. This whole thing sounds like a 10 yr old copied and pasted it together .

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