Hydro Rug Non Slip Rug Review

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Have you ever wondered if you could carpet the areas of the bathroom too to make it more comfortable to walk on to? Or do you wonder if there was a way to make the bath area non slippery? Hydro Rug is one of such solution which is unique and does exactly the answers you might seek in the questions above. Of course it is not a regular rug that can be just placed anywhere across the house since regular rugs can start smelling after getting wet and start growing mildew over the period of time. Hydro Rug eliminates all such possibilities and still works more or less like an amazing rug.

How does Hydro Rug Work

Hydro Rug is a bathmat for shower and bath designed especially to work inside wet areas such as bathrooms. It can be simply placed inside the shower area or bathtub to provide slip-free base while taking a bath unlike the plastic bathmats available in the market. Plus the loofah type material that is used to make it give a nice scrubbing to the bottom of the feet while one takes a bath on it. Plus Hydro Rug stays slip free not only over it but even under it so that it stays securely locked in its place. The uniqueness is the anti-microbial poly fiber material used to make it which allows water to pass right through it solving the question whether Hydro Rug is safe to place it over a drain or not.

Hydro Rug is also known to be very quick while drying and has the ability never to wear out or even fade away regardless of the amount of water that seeps through it. The most important feature of its poly fiber formula is that it is anti-microbial making it resist mildew and stain completely. Plus due to these positive properties Hydro Rug stays very clean and does not smell bad or stay soggy like regular bathmats. Another use of Hydro Rug is that it can be placed outside the bathing area as a rug too for drying the feet while walking away from a shower.



What do I get?
Get the Hydro Rug for just $20.95. Official website HydroRug.com



Hydro Rug Video

6 thoughts on “Hydro Rug Non Slip Rug Review

  1. I purchased the HydroRug and I am pleased with some of its features. It allows the shower water to drain, doesn’t mildew and feels good on my feet. My only and biggest complaint is that is only has 4 suction cups — one in each corner — to hold it in place and that is not sufficient. The rug only stay put for a short time before slipping and becoming dangerous. Suction cups all along the edges would do a much better job. If this defect is improved I will buy another. I cannot recommend it at this time.

  2. I bought this thing in the As Seen On TV section of my local Walgreens store. It is a great product and performs as demonstrated on the TV commercial.

    I NEVER order anything without seeing it first. One shopping center in our area even has an ENTIRE store carrying the As Seen On TV products. And I’ve seen more and more stores with As Seen On TV sections.

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