Happy Nappers Pillow Review

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Good Morning! It’s time to Rise and Shine! Wake up Happy Nappers, it’s time to play! Take a look, open your eyes, and just unzip your pillows and surprise! It’s the amazingly fun Happy Nappers! They are happy Happy Nappers! Each Happy Napper lives in its own Home Sweet Home!

How does Happy Nappers Pillow work?

All you have to do is ring their sleepy sounds doorbell, then wake them up and take them out for a day of fun. When you’re finished playing, just give your Happy Napper a goodnight hug and tuck them inside to sleep the night away. Happy Nappers is reversible and can transform from a comfy pillow to sleep on, in to a lovable friend with a simple zip, pop and squeeze!

Take your friend anywhere and everywhere; take it in your car, on the plane and even to your Grandma’s house. And when it’s time for beddie-bye, tuck your dog inside it’s a Dog House, Dragon inside his Castle, Kitty in her Kitty Cottage or Princess Unicorn inside her Palace and Bug inside his Bungalow; keep them safe and warm for the night.

Happy Nappers is the Perfect Play Pillow and you will want to get all the wonderful animal friends for yourself. The Happy Nappers Play Pillow makes a perfect gift for all children, grandchildren; they will love you even more!



What do I get?
Choose from:

  • Barn to Cow
  • Castle to Dragon
  • Bungalow to Ladybug
  • Igloo to Penguin
  • Dog House to Dog
  • Palace to Unicorn



Happy Nappers Pillow Video


89 thoughts on “Happy Nappers Pillow Review

  1. I ordered a Happy Napper Unicorn from their website on 6/3/20. It took forever to get a shipping notice (6/15/20) telling me it should arrive 6/26/20, 4 days after my granddaughter’s birthday. I tried contacting customer service but could not reach a live agent. I know shipping is slow now, but this very slow. Their websites says they are completely sold out until 6/30/20. They do advertise HEAVILY on kids channels Nick Jr & Disney. Hope the thing is worth this huge hassle.

  2. I had heard about Happy Nappers and wanted to buy them for my kids. But I wanted to find out more about them before buying. That’s why I started looking for online reviews and I came across several sites like happynappershq.com, playpillowpets.com, smartchildrensproducts.com, momtastic.com, gradedreviews.com. Unfortunately none of these sites helped me with the information I was looking for. They all seemed to have one point agenda and that was to make me buy this product one way or another. There was hardly any relevant information beyond promotional writing, which seemed like it was fed by the manufacturer. Why is it so difficult to find genuine reviews online? It’s a good thing I found this site where I got to know more about the product, which helped me make my decision about buying it. Sadly you have to go through a lot of fake sites to find a review site that’s genuine and offers real information.

    • It’s a position many other users find themselves in. And that’s because of search engine optimization methods employed by many websites. Such websites have mushroomed all over the place today and are not reprimanded by search engines because they can’t tell the difference between these sites and a genuine review page like ours. However for users like you, we endeavor to keep our content genuine and objective without any sales pitch so that you can make an informed decision about all products.

  3. I got a Happy Napper Pillow for my daughter and she always complains about how she always wakes up in the middle of the night because she rolls over onto the doorbell of the penguin (that she names Pablo) while it is in its igloo… that is the only problem she has with it though other wise she absolutly adores it!

  4. Buyer beware. I never placed an order from this website and see a charge on my credit card. A couple of days ago, I had gone to CuddleUppets.com and attempted to place my order, but then cancelled it before the final end. I believe that they are also affiliated with this website. I will be opening a fraud investigation with my credit company, but hopefully, some other person will read this and avoid the headache. Stay away from this site and the other one. It is one big fraud.

  5. If you are considering buying a Happy Napper from their website let me discourage you. First, once you start the order process you are committed…there is no chance to back out. Second, each successive screen seems to offer discounts on the price or the shipping if you order more but it is unclear if you are adding to your order or confirming your totals. Last, when you get to the end there is no review, just your confirmation with an astronomical shipping total. $54 in Happy Nappers (three animals) cost $76 in shipping. Customer service is closed on weekends and after 5 PM so I sent an e-mail cancelling and contacted my credit card to dispute the charge. Save yourself the trouble and order from a reputable company on-line and avoid the “factory direct.” You’ll save yourself a headache.

  6. Starting the order process but before I finished I decided to cancel – yeah that did not work!! They TOOK my money and can NOT give me a reason as WHY!! I called and their customer service MANAGER could not tell – he was not sure how THEIR WEBSITE worked!! NOR could they STOP the order?? what?? I have been in customer service for MANY years and you SHOULD be able to make an adjustment to an order that has NOT left your facility!! SO – I gave in and agreed to let the darn thing stand as is WITH conditions – they will credit back my account YESTERDAY for shipping AND they will send the MINI free of charge once that ALL of them are OFF BACKORDER!! ALL? I told the manager I want that IN WRITING! Send me an email before days end and I will know you are true to your word… More than 24 hrs later STILL waiting for the funds to be returned as well as the PROMISED email. call back again – you get a LOT of – I am sorry… SAVE YOUR SORRIES – give me my money!! – Oh sorry – I dont have the ability to do that. GIVE me your manager – oh he is on the phone with corporate. I ask what the number is to corporate – oh I don’t have that number. OK where is your corporate office located – oh I am sorry but I dont know.. WHAT? WHAT KIND OF PLACE IS THIS? – Now waiting for a call back from the “manager” that is on a conference call with the make believe “CORPORATE” office… Let’s see if that happens.

    NO I WOULD NEVER EVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN – I would have to say one word – FRAUD!

  7. My personal experience in buying a Happy Nappers pillow pal has been anything but a splendid feel which never lasts.

    When my daughter turned 7, she specifically urged for a Happy Nappers pillow toy she must have seen on TV. We heard some stores had started carrying them, but every place we went to was sold out and on backorder, so I went to their website to buy one and found the best deal there.

    At a price of only $19.99, they have an “internet only” offer where you get the full-size version and also a free Sing-A-Long Mini Napper friend that sings the song in the commercial. As a mom, you just can’t beat that deal getting two toys for the price of one, the kids get more stuff to play with, and you save a little money. They have six different animals to choose from (all of them impartially cute), but I knew my daughter had her heart set on the Ladybug.

    Since I knew it was a special I could only get online, I ended up grabbing the dragon one too for my 5 yr. old boy as it was too adorable to resist with its growling noises, and my kids tend to get jealous when their siblings have something cool they don’t. If you have a few little ones like me who always want the same stuff, you’ll take any specials you can get just to have the smile of content and happiness so free, it feels to have spread across in the sky.

    My kids are always singing the theme song for like an hour after they see it on TV, so I knew getting the mini version too was a big plus and the don’t have those in any store.

  8. I saw these Happy Nappers Pillow on display at a Walmart store. My kids had been brainwashed by the commercial and wanted to get one, so I was checking them out. They looked cute, but I noticed it was difficult to get all of it tucked in the get the zipper around it. Not too hard for an adult or older kid, but I thought my 3 year old might have trouble. Still, I thought they were cute. It was the lady bug, by the way, well all if a sudden, I started to have an allergic reaction, my nose was very irritated and I started to sneeze. I suspected the loose fluff on the toy immediately. I have had problems with asthma in the past, but it has been over 3 years since my last attack. Well, soon I was having an asthma attack. I hurried to the pharmacy section and got some benadryl . It was a bit scary for me that sensitive children could be laying on these toys and breathing in the same components that caused my reaction. My children will be much happier nappers without the Happy Nappers Pillow.

  9. I purchased one happy napper because my son begged for one. I didn’t even know what they were until I looked on line.

    I just ordered it (one) last week and have not received it yet. However, Happy Nappers has charged my debit card once and debited a “pre-authorization charge” for the same amount again, so in essence, they charged me twice. I called them and customer service had a hard time understanding my SIMPLE request.

    They said the pre-authorization (that was taken out FOUR DAYS AFTER they charged my debit card) would be credited to my account in 4-5 days. They gave me no reason why they even needed to have a pre-authorization. I guess they just wanted to borrow my money for a few weeks? I will be following through on this. I already told them I would be writing this review.

    Now that I have read the above comments, who knows when I will receive my product. Meanwhile, my little boy asks me about it daily. UGH!!!

  10. Ordered a dog Happy Napper, got a unicorn and a bear. Not good – Then I had to go to Amazon to order another one because they can do overnight shipping, where Happy Nappers can not. Contacted customer service to get a refund and a shipping label to return the ones that they sent to me in error. They said that I would have to pay for the return shipping, even though they sent me the wrong one. They were even shocked that I was upset that to get my money back that I would have to pay even more money. Unbelievable! Order with Caution and at least 2 months in advance of when you need it!

  11. I was able to purchase the Happy Nappers from Walgreens for $19.99, no shipping no hassel. No waiting or worrying about shipping or shipping cost. Grandbabies love them :)))))

  12. I ordered my happy napper unicorn from amazon .com and received it within the same week with no problems. I would suggest amazon.com to everybody.

  13. I found Happy Napper pets at Winco Foods for $17.99. This is the cheapest place I found and there is no shipping if you buy it at the grocery store.

    • Winco Foods is only in the USA states of California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. I found the Happy Napper stand by the greeting card area towards the front of the store. They have all of them but the unicorn for $17.99.

  14. I thought I would let everyone know that I found a limited number of Happy Nappers at my local Walgreens store. They are still $19.99, but you only have to pay tax and that’s cheaper than shipping. They had the penguin, ladybug, puppy, and the dragon. Check your local Walgreens to see if they carry them too. I hope this helps someone.

  15. I order two happy nappers 4 weeks ago, my twin granddaughters have been waiting patiently, decided to call today to find they said they had some problem with my order. Asked them why they didn’t call me or send and email, told they don’t do this, but they sure take your money. Not happy at all about this they advised I cancel the order and reorder said they would arrive in 7 to 10 days this time, something is not right and they do have poor customer service, why ask for all of this information if they don’t use it….my girls are NOT HAPPY NAPPERS

  16. I am so glad I came across these reviews. I saw that the Happy Napper website said it would be shipping within 30 days. For $8.95 shipping, that’s ridiculous. I went to Coppins Hallmark (which I would never have known about without these reviews and advice) and for the same exact price (not breakdown, but grand total), I’ll be getting it within 3-7 days. $20+9 shipping and 7+6ship (for second one) at happynappers.com total = approx $52. At Coppins Hallmark (trustworthy name!) it’s $26 per happy napper, but ships free with purchase of $30 or more so my total cost for 2 was exactly $52! and I’ll get it 3+ weeks sooner! Unbelievable about happynappers.com.

    They get the kids so excited from the commercials then have the poorest customer service. My 7 y/o daughter has been saving her allowance and just had a lemonade stand yesterday and finally saved enough money and there’s no way I want her to wait 30+days. So thank you to everyone who referred us to Coppins!!

  17. I ordered the unicorn happy napper, for my niece, on June 12th. Later that week, I decided to check on the order and found this site which caused a great amount of concern about my order. I was able to “track” my order and see a shipped date of June 16th. This news still did not ease my concerns. Well… I am happy to report that my niece did receive her happy napper yesterday, June 28th. She loves it and her youngest sister loves the matching baby unicorn I also odered. Whew!

  18. Thanks for all the negative comments about this Happy Nappers Website. I ordered mine through Coppins Hallmark…keeping my fingers cross that it will be better 🙂

  19. Had a bad experience ordering and with Happy Nappers customer service. The system automatically doubled my order. No confirmation page to review. Called customer service immediately and amazingly the order shipped within the hour of ordering and the opening of customer service. And their hands were tied…they said I was charged. Plus if I wanted to keep any I would be charged return shipping for their error. Did not keep any anyways because of service and knew they were pulling a fraud. Did get to see a napper…not soft and definitely not plush. Once it is the doll form its belly is hard as a brick.

  20. I ordered two Happy Nappers for my nieces. I ordered the lady bug and the unicorn, as we are taking a long airplane trip and figured I can kill two birds with one stone by having a pillow and a toy all in one. WELL, I ordered it a week and a half in advance of our trip, and after reading all the reviews on other sites about the back order issue, I decided to give their “customer service” department a call. Turns out, my order was on back order for 4-6 weeks!!! I promptly cancelled my order as I needed them way before that. As aggressive as they are with their advertising one would think that the product was in stock and ready to ship….and then they have the audacity to ask you to pay extra for express shipping!!! NO THANKS Happy Nappers!!! Pull your advertising until you have the item in stock, its poor customer service to do other wise. I have found a miniature version of Pillow Pets at target that will serve the purpose just fine!

    • The Hallmark store listed later in this thread may be a place to find better service. I was very happy with my order through Hallmark. My kids love them!

  21. I was so angry with this company and looked up Happy Nappers scam and sure enough see my story reflected here again and again. Not sure whats going on with this company but I’m definitely filing a complaint. Ordered a Happy Nappers as a much anticipated birthday gift for a 5 yr old mid March (for mid April). By last Wed 4/13, no package, no answers to my emails, could never get a live rep. Finally reached one, demanded a supervisor and was told first that my credit card was declined (5 times no less!) THEN was told that they are backordrered for 6-8 weeks! Found this thread, ordered at Coppins Hallmard Wednesday afternoon and had Happy Napper in my hands Friday afternoon! I will definitely do business with Coppins again, but the law needs to be made aware of the Happy Napper company direct. I’m just waiting for my credit card to be used fraudulently – cant help wondering if thats what they are doing (collecting credit card info, stalling, then will sell the info later).

  22. I cannot speak to the Happy Napper itself as I have yet to receive my product, but I can definitely speak to the customer service or lack thereof. I placed 5, yes 5, separate calls to request my tracking number and was told on each call that I didn’t need a tracking number that my order had shipped 7 days prior and I would receive my package on the 10 business day following shipping. However as a customer who had already been charged for my order I was interested in having a tracking number. On the 5th call after to speaking with a representative, their lead, and finally a supervisor I was provided a tracking number!!!!! That showed the order had shipped only the day before. I asked that my shipping fee be refunded as I had clearly been provided misinformation. The supervisor refused and continued to argue that it was FedEx who was misinformed and that they had not made a mistake. Here we are 15 business days from the supposed ‘ship date’ and I have nothing and they refuse to refund my order or reroute my tracking number back to their warehouse. I want nothing more to do with this company or their HORRIBLE customer service.


  23. Just wanted to let all of you know that Coppin’s Gifts Hallmark is awesome! We ordered on the phone also and still have not received our order but have been charged. I ordered it from Coppin’s online on a Saturday and received it on Tuesday afternoon with free shipping on any order of $30.00! I highly recommend them! I received the same Happy Napper that the company claimed was on back order. I think they have a script of lies to tell their customers.

    • I ordered my happy napper on Feb 2,2011 and I FINALLY got it on April 13, 2011 I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN.

  24. Purchased 3 of them from coppinsgifts.com on April 5, received with free shipping on 4/9. Overall I think they were $1-2 more expensive (after s & h) than the napper website.

    If you are looking to buy these, and want great customer service, no backorders, etc, I HIGHLY recommend Coppins.

    • From Happy Napper website, with shipping 3 of them would run $74.94. I paid $77.97 from coppinsgifts.com. $3.03 extra was worth the hassle free and quick shipment.

  25. I put in a order for 2 Happy Nappers from the website on Feb. 18th. I didn’t hear anything and called them. They said they were backordered. I called again two weeks ago and was told my debit card would not work and I knew that was wrong. I called again last week and was told they would put my order through right away so I would have it for Easter. I e-mailed on Monday and received a reply back that it would take up to 30 day for the order to be processed. What excuses they have given me!!! I want my two pillows but will pass the word around about this website!!

    • This sounds like the same story I have been getting since March 3rd!!! Just spoke with again the morning. They had upped my total adding 29.95 for “RUSH” shipping. This company and website is a total rip off. I advice no orders placed unless you want to have a completely dissatisfied experience. Yes, these look like great little gifts, but at what price? Customer service stinks, and it appears everyone gets the old ” credit card doesn’t work” line. This is the only site it won’t work and they will not process it while you are on the phone with them..suspicious I’d say

  26. After reading the reviews from people who bought on Happy Napper website, I decided to buy through Hallmark – Coppins Gifts. 3 hours after ordering them (dog, cow, ladybug) I had a Fedex tracking number. Cost was $1 or $2 more per item, but well worth it IMO

  27. Oh my, I ordered my Happy Napper today without doing my research first. I thought they were a good company. Are all of the nappers on back-order or are they just certain ones?

  28. Thank you all for your reviews! I would have fallen into the trap too, had it not been for all of you telling your stories. My daughter and son wanted these Happy Nappers so badly, so I did a little research. Just like Bart, I came across coppinsgifts.com which is a Hallmark store in Utah. I ordered two Happy Nappers on Saturday and the FedEx tracking (yes, they give you a tracking number, unlike the Happy Nappers company) said they are out for delivery and will arrive today (Thursday)! They are a little more expensive, $24.99, but shipping is FREE with orders over $30.

    I hope this helps!

  29. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE! I ordered my Happy Napper two months ago. No answer to my e mails and no answer at the phone number. I think they took our money and ran. I believe the company is out of business. I have read the stories here and they are heart wrenching, hell cannot burn hot enough for these immoral people who have stolen our money and broken our children’s hearts.

  30. Just called and canceled my order after reading all the reviews, when I called she told me that the animal I wanted was actually back ordered, but I never received any notice! I guess pillow pets will have to do!

  31. well my daughters birthday is coming up and she has 2 pillow pets. She saw the Happy Nappers commercial and wanted one I really want to get one for her but I cant wait a month. I’m going to have to stay away from that website and check eBay, Amazon etc. I want to thank everyone for their review they were very helpful.

  32. Ordered OVER a month ago as a return gift for my son from his father who was returning from Afghanistan. Dad’s been home over a month and not a single call, email, anything from the company. Called today and cancelled the order. This company is horrid!

  33. I ordered several Happy Nappers and the Chatter beanies. I haven’t heard a word from anyone. I don’t have the telephone number as I ordered online. I’ve looked at the videos and I haven’t been able to find the telephone number. Does anyone have the telephone number?

    I’m a grandma who told her four grandchildren that they are coming soon!! That was way over a month ago. I just dont’ know what to do!!!!

    • Call and complain. They will at least refund your shipping of $8.99.

      It is a horrible company. They never give the same story. And to get a supervisor is almost impossible. I finally had to DEMAND they find one and said I’d hold until they did… However… she was no help. Fed me the same line of mess the rest of them did… said they would email me and she personally would call me when it shipped… she didn’t. Then I was informed that no emails are ever sent.

      I also asked if they sell our email info… they said no. However, I NEVER give my personal email out when I register for things… I have an email address that is legit… but it’s one that I use because I know the result will be spam… so my personal email isn’t spammed… well… the very day my product shipped… SPAM! Daily since then… SPAM. Never got spam there… until Happy Nappers!

  34. I have purchased a happy Napper for my son on March 5th…He has been bugging me for a while…i ordered it because he was starting a new medication and to rewarding him I thought the happy Napper would be a perfect gift…he asks me constantly….where is my happy napper…even writes about it in his daily journal..(hes is autistic and has become obsessed with it. I emailed the company of soon as I read all these comments ….surprise no reply…..any other idea besides to call???? my card has been charged already….I really want this for my son…just would like to know when will ship!!


    • I really don’t know what to say because I got mine 3 days later from the website but you should find were there company is and go there and if you cant call a lawyer and get him to call the place. You can also ask a friend who got one and ask them what to do.

  35. Well, well. Just as I suspected… dozens of other people seemingly stuck in the same situation as myself.

    The site itself should’ve been a tip off. Or at least the order process. I paid for the priority shipping to ensure my Happy Napper would be here by my daughter’s birthday. As soon as my order was submitted, I was alarmed that the only information provided to me was an “order #”. No ETA, no tracking # – nothing. I called customer service the next day & was told that the “Priority Shipping”? Yeah, has nothing to do with how quickly the shipping is, apparently it just guarantees that my order will be a priority out of the warehouse, but was still told 3-5 business days.

    Here it is 7 business days later & I haven’t received my order. After reading these reviews, will be contacting customer service again & demanding some answers. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting & for any potential buyers BEWARE!

  36. I ordered a happy napper for my son’s birthday almost three weeks ago. I paid the additional fee for express shipment. Tomorrow is his birthday and I have no Happy Napper for him to unwrap (but they have my money). I tried their customer service and received a message that I was not authorized to email them (happynappers@myorderstatus.com).

    I tried calling the number on their website and even though it was during what they claimed were their “normal business hours”, I got a message that they were closed and to call back during normal business hours. I called every day for three days with the same message…their customer service is horrible….I DO NOT recommend. Now I will disappoint my son and refuse the charges on my credit cad. Thanks Happy Nappers!

    • Excuse my typos, I emailed them, called them, etc….I am so upset. The charges went through February 15th (I ordered 2, one for my son’s 7th birthday and one extra)…over $50.00 including expedited shipping and now I AM worried they will “sell” my information and I will get spammed and who knows who has my credit card number…. I think ALL of us should cancel and try to tell our kids that we learned a valuable lesson at their expense.

      I will try the BBB, but after reading these complaints, maybe I will try my state’s attorney generals office because this is fraudulent and their commercials should no longer be aired.

  37. Glad I am reading these reviews BEFORE I order one for my son’s birthday. After seeing what all these people have gone through, my son will have to settle for a Pillow Pet instead! At least I can get that in the store!

    • You should get him a pillow pet, they are much more affordable and comfortable, my children love them. I ordered a Happy Napper for them and they were uncomfortable and hard to use, none the less they came 1 and a half months later. So I recommend Pillow Pets my two girls love them.

  38. I ordered 2 happy nappers February 14th, one for my son and another for my friend’s son who is at St. Jude receiving treatment for brain tumors. When I saw that Happy Nappers gives a certain percentage of their profits to homesweethomefund.com which is for childhood brain tumors, that made me feel as though I could trust to order from happynappers.com. But now after reading these complaints as well as trying to do some research on this company and coming up with nothing but an address in CT, I am worried I may never see a happy napper and now my credit card number is out there floating around. My son is asking me everyday where his happy napper is, tearing up.

    I see these happy napper videos on youtube.com showing children happily opening up their boxes with the pillows. Well I’m about to post a video showing how disappointed my son is when I tell him he might not get one. This really sucks people! I feel like a ding dong for purchasing from a website because in hindsite the site has no mission, no company profile, nothing! Scary!! I called twice now, the first time I asked why I hadn’t received an email for shipment or a track number. They said they don’t track their packages but I will receive an email when it does ship. The next time I called (10 days after the order) I asked why it hadn’t shipped yet. He replied that it was on back order. I asked why I didn’t get an email telling me that…and he acted like I should have received an email on that…then he retracted and told me they do not send out emails for back orders and that I should just keep calling back. He gave no explanation or reason for back order. He could not give me an estimate of arrival. I really don’t think they know…..they probably don’t have a clue they are just saying what they’ve been told to say.

    Most legit businesses will tell you before you submit your order that it is on back order with an arrival time. But if you haven’t noticed already, their website is pretty darn generic! Their shipping policy states 30 days. So I will give them 20 more days and if I do not have my happy nappers I will cancel my order per THEIR policy! I wish everyone luck in getting their happy nappers and I encourage everyone who has ordered a happy napper and hasn’t received theirs to post your complaints!! Lets get the word out on this …..they can’t keep airing the commercial everyday and not have a product to show for it!!!!

    • I still have not received my happy napper and I ordered it on Feb 2 2011 has anyone received one yet.

      • I tried to call them today twice already. I waited for over 20 minutes and never spoke to one person. My account was charged 6 days ago. I am growing very unhappy. Anyone have any ideas on what to do?

        • Okay this is not a joke but I finally got my Happy Nappers today after almost a month and no tracking number. I guess they are legit but I am not sure I would order again.

  39. I ordered a Happy Napper 2 weeks ago and they still haven’t taken the money out of my account or shipped my Happy Napper. When I called to ask when it would be shipped they said they couldn’t tell me. After reading all of these comments I am definitely calling today and canceling my order.

  40. would love to review the product but unfortunately its been two weeks since my order and my happy-napper hasn’t even been shipped yet. When I called I was told it was on back order, well it would have been nice to have been notified by email about this. I think happy-nappers is a completely unprofessional company and I would not recommend them!

    • Call and complain. They will at least refund your shipping of $8.99. I was informed that NO emails are sent out EVER… PERIOD.

      I spoke with 8 different people and got 8 different stories!! It’s CRAZY! I did finally get my shipment, but I would NEVER do it again and would not recommend them to anyone!! HORRIBLE customer service. Polite people but they all tell a different story and NO ONE really “helps” you.

  41. I ordered mine over a month ago and still no Happy Nappers. While customer service has been very polite, they cannot seem to tell me when I will receive my order. I get varied responses and no real answer for the delay other than snow and they are back ordered. I would tell people at this point to just save yourself the trouble and go to eBay. With a child asking everyday for their Happy Napper it gets frustrating. The shipping is outrageous anyway.

  42. I ordered a Happy Napper on Sunday (Feb 13). Called on Monday to see how long I’d have to wait (because I found these reviews AFTER I placed the order…). They said they were on backorder (why do they not tell you that when you place the order?!?!). I called Tuesday, was told they’re no longer on back order and mine would ship that day or the next. Called the next (Wednesday) and was told they’d ship TODAY…(Thursday). Called today and was told 2 to 3 weeks even though they aren’t on back order, they’re filling the oldest orders first.

    I asked to talk to a supervisor EVERY TIME I called… “They’re not available”. I offered to hold. She said “they won’t talk to you and if they did, they’d tell you what I’m telling you”. RUN AROUND RUDENESS is all you get. I’m so pissed! I tried to report them to the BBB… but the BBB has no record of them. SMH!! I haven’t cancelled my order because my son asks me every day if his package has come yet… he’s so excited to get this thing that I just can’t cancel. But believe you me… I’m spreading the word to EVERYONE that Happy Nappers is a JOKE!

      • 866-964-2523 is the number I called.

        I FINALLY received it on 3/8. (Ordered 2/13)

        I was told that I would get an email with tracking info when it shipped. I was told by a “supervisor” that she personally would call me when it shipped… neither happened. And when I called for a tracking number… I was told that NO EMAILS are sent when product ships… and they couldn’t give me a tracking number.

        NEVER AGAIN will I order from them. And if you can convince your little one that there’s something better… I wouldn’t advise anyone to order them!

  43. I received my Happy Nappers over a month after I originally ordered them. Despite the ridiculous shipping they are cute and are well made. My biggest complaint is that they sold my information and I am bombarded by phone calls for gas cards and other stupid crap. I wish I would have waited for Amazon or somewhere else to start carrying them 🙁

  44. I too ordered a Happy Napper as a Birthday Gift for a relative (February 19th), and a Valentines Day gift for my Daughter (February 14th). I ordered the pillows on January 20th assuming it was in plenty of time. Realized about 10 days had gone by today and no Happy Nappers so I called and was informed the pillows were “on backorder”. Has anyone ever received a Happy Napper? I am getting concerned this company is a fraud and is stealing our money. The shipping is nearly half the cost of the item and I am thinking at this rate, after reading all other reviews, it is never coming. HELP!

  45. I ordered my Happy Napper 3 weeks ago. To insure the speedy delivery I talked to a customer service representative before clicking the final button. She said nothing about anything being on back order. I told her my son is getting surgery at Children’s Hospital and this is what he wanted to see when he woke up. Again she assured me that it takes 7 to 10 business days to receive the item. My sons surgery is next week and still no Happy Napper. I called today 1-24-11 to only find out my son would be highly disappointed when he woke up from his surgery. I received the same answer, ” I’m sorry your Happy Napper is on back order!” How can a mother explain this to a six year old awaking from anesthesia? I did not cancel my order yet in hopes that maybe something will change soon.

  46. Never received my order of Happy Napper Pillows. An honest company would have let me know when they had been shipped. I ordered one on Jan.6,2011 they had taken the money out of my checking on the 10th of January. I haven’t heard anything since. Very unprofessional!!! I am going to call tomorrow. If I don’t get any results I will call Better Business Bureau and I will tell them that and demand my money back.

    • my 5yr old Nephew wanted the shark Happy Napper. He was so excited when I ordered one. I got it today although its cute I ordered the large one and it isn’t all that big I’m disappointed. I hope he likes it . I WOULD NOT buy again.

  47. I ordered (2) Happy Napper Pillows. I received a confirmation of my order. However, a week later still no confirmation for shipping. Upon calling the website to inquire about my order I was advised they are on backorder due to arrive hopefully soon. Then was advised would take up to six weeks for delivery! I was ordering for a child’s birthday later this month. When I complained about lack of communication for the delay I was offered free shipping for one item. I canceled my order due to untimely delivery of goods and lack of communication regarding this delay.

  48. Have any of you received your Happy Nappers yet? mine didn’t make it for Christmas, and now I can’t get anyone on the phone to tell me if they are on their way. What in the world could take so long? do they have to make the darn things first?!

  49. we ordered one for our daughter Dec 9th. wasn’t even offered grossly inflated special Christmas shipping, just assumed 3 weeks would be enough, because really, how long does it/should it take to ship something? so today is the 30th, no happy napper yet…and now customer service tells us it could be ANOTHER 6 WEEKS (that’s 9 weeks total). RIDICULOUS. don’t advertise merchandise you don’t actually have to sell!! 🙁

  50. same with us…I ordered 3 Happy Napper Pillows on Dec 14th and paid over $40 in shipping charges to have them by Christmas, called for the 2nd time today, the 23rd, and was told that they just shipped and it would be another 2 weeks before they got here, even though I paid for holiday shipping! she told me that I would have had to pay for priority processing AND holiday shipping (over $59 in shipping charges) in order to have had them by Christmas. I told her that I would be returning all three, demanded a full refund, and that she could take them and stuff them somewhere. she “assures” me that I will get my refund…we’ll see. They are a HORRID company and nothing but a rip off!

  51. I would love to say how adorable these Happy Napper Pillows are, but sadly the company can’t uphold their promises and ship on time. We ordered 6 Happy Napper Pillows (yes 6, one for each child in our extended family) by the 12/13 cutoff date to have it arrive for 12/25. We called 3 times after ordering to ensure things were progressing as they should and 3 different employees (Michelle, Mark, and Faye) assured us they would be here. Yet, here it is 12/21 and they have yet to even process the order. When we called again, we were told they would take another 2-4 weeks with no chance of arriving for the holiday.

    (My 4 year old asked for two things from Santa; for peace so that Daddy wouldn’t have to go to war and a Happy Napper. This year she won’t get either wish.)

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