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On lazy days when it is chilly, turning up the heat costs money and wrestling with blankets is silly. Some blankets may be too big and others too small. Sometimes a blanket may not cover you up properly. If you want to stay warm, you need Forever Lazy – the one-piece lie around, lounge around, full body lazy wear that covers you from head to toe in soft, warm fleece. Just slip it on, zip it, and get lazy!


How does Forever Lazy work?
Get toasty warm from head to toe with Forever Lazy. Your hands and feet stay free so you can talk on the phone, enjoy a good book, do your homework, or just do nothing at all.

Forever Lazy is made of ultra soft, breathable fleece. It is over-sized for that baggy, comfortable, lazy day pajama feeling you love. Party it up with friends or enjoy some downtime with pets. Do it all while staying warm, comfortable, and lazy.

Pick your Forever Lazy from four stylish colors – Navy, Gray, Black, and Pink. It comes in different sizes to fit everyone in the family. It has a drawstring hood that you can pull over your head to stay warm outdoors. Zippered hatches on the front and back make it comfortable, great escapes when duty calls!

Get your Forever Lazy now to enjoy the warmth indoors and outdoors whether you are doing chores or just lounging around.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


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63 thoughts on “Forever Lazy Review

  1. I ordered my Out Like a Blink Pink size large forever lazy online but through amazon, not the actual forever lazy site. Keeping in mind, I didn’t even realize this had a commercial or was on TV, I was just looking for a onesie that was warm and I could wear around my house. That being said, I also didn’t know about the buy one get one free deal or whatever it was that turned out to be a scam, so I only ordered one. Through amazon it gives you an exact price along with the prices for the choices of shipping, and a tracking number along with updates on where your forever lazy is in regards to arriving at your door. Ordering it there gave me no troubles, it arrived in 7 days exactly, and nothing was wrong with the one I ordered (ie. it wasn’t on backorder and it was the right color and size). The only problem I have at all with my forever lazy is that it’s a tad too long on the legs but I can always just take that in. All in all I think it’s super warm and comfortable.

  2. This is comfortable but I paid ten dollars for mine on clearance. I would never ever pay the asking price! I took it out of the box and right away it had a hole by the zipper.

    A few times after wearing it it had two more holes by the zipper not good construction at all!

  3. I am actually wearing it right now. I actually like it very much, though my children scorn it. It is comfortable and warm and the back hatch is a great idea. (I will say no more.) I got my in a size with was a bit too big, so it is quite droopy. The only thing I would change about it is, I would include booties made out of the same material that would snap or velcro off and on. Then it would be perfect!

  4. Add me to the unhappy group. I ordered 6, 2 smalls in pink, 2 mediums in pink and 2 large in gray.

    I received 2 smalls in blue, 4 Large in blue and 3 Snuggies.

    In the box was a note that they were out of stock on the colors and sizes I wanted so they sent “replacements” and the Snuggies as a “gift”.

    First of all, I didn’t want Snuggies.

    As for the forever lazies, I’m not happy with the color change, but at least those fit. But substituting large for the mediums in ridiculous. They are just too big.

    The funny thing is, one of the mediums was for me. I ordered and paid for them……and I don’t have one I can wear.

    • Update: Just got off the phone with customer service. I told them that I could live with the color change on the smalls, but substituting large for medium didn’t work. They are just too big.

      They were very nice about it and are refunding me for the large sets. I will hopefully see the money back in my account in 3 – 5 business days and I don’t have to send them back. She told me I could donate them or do whatever I wanted with them. That made me happy because I was worried about having to pay to ship them back after all this.

      She said that Walmart is stocking back up so if I still want them, I can buy them there.

  5. I was looking for a something to keep myself warm during winter and came across the advertisement for Forever Lazy. The use of Forever Lazy would mean that I could lessen the use of heaters and save some bucks on my bill. Honestly I would simply not go buying anything unless finding a good review about the product. So I searched for “Forever Lazy Reviews” and checked a couple of website links listed. The sites like , ,, and which topped the search were utterly useless and definitely real. The sites seemed like a scam of some sort where all the reviews were perfect and had links to buy the product on the site itself. I had lost hope to get a genuine review until I came across this website. The review seems real and there are no annoying pop ups selling the product to me. Thanks for providing real reviews.

    • There are sites like the ones mentioned above which are generally sponsored links and carry fake reviews to sell any product be it good or bad. The search engines can be easily fooled into listing them using these articles full of keywords. They take this loophole using the SEO technique and get away with malpractice and scam websites. Hope the honest and real review on this site has helped you into deciding upon the product.

  6. Don’t waste your money, they will knowingly ship you the wrong product, and if you want to return the shipment you will have to eat the cost for S&H. The company should be called Forever Ripping You Off.

  7. This Forever Lazy place is a TOTAL RIP-OFF! I ordered 2 pink mediums back in November for Christmas presents. Then, the week before Christmas, I received an email that I would be receiving to XL blue ones and a Snuggie. I called customer service, and they said I would receive the pink mediums I ordered — but that the company was also sending me the 2 XL blue ones at no charge.

    Today, December 30, I just received the blue XL ones and a letter stating they were not going to send the pink ones I ordered, and that this was my “replacement.” I called the company right away and demanded a refund — which they said they would credit my card in 3-5 days. I’ll believe it when I see it!

  8. This company really sucks. I was going to order it for my birthday until I heard all these terrible story..holly crap. I am glad I did not order this crap. I ordered Mesa Magic. It takes about two months to get it. They suck as well. I will never order anything online again.

  9. This a classic “Bait & Switch” scam. DO NOT buy from these scammers unless you can afford to waste $45 on their scam tactics. If you order 2 (which they say the second is free +S&H) you will be charged FULL price for the second. The total does not show up until you put in your credit card number. As soon as you do your card is CHARGED!! I call customer support, immediately after ordering, they said “sorry, we cannot help it is on order”

    • The thing is, if you read what you’re ordering you won’t get ripped off. I just ordered two on 12/4. You have to get two *identical* forever lazy to get the BOGO deal. This means when you selected what you thought was your first forever lazy- it was actually for both. Then when you selected your other size/style you’re ordering another set of two matching. I am actually surprised by how many people have made this mistake…

      • I did the same mistake. In a hurry and did not read the fine print, after all why would you not be able to pick a different color or size for the 2nd “Free” one? The next thing I knew I had ordered almost $100 worth of Forever Lazy. I called and they said it would take 1 hr-1 1/2 hrs. to get into their system. So I called back in 2 hours and they said it would take 6-7 hours. Well, by the time that came around it was after 10 PM and they were closed for the night. I got on line to status site and luckily it had my order “in process” where before nothing was pulling up. I cancelled directly from there and printed out my cancelled status when it changed on my status page. I did re-order and correctly this time. The site is definitely structured to take advantage of the quick ordered and does not have the standard order review page before placing the order that 99.99% of sites have. If someone in my office didn’t really want a pink one I would not have gone through this process.

  10. This item is the bomb! I have fallen IN LOVE with my Forever Lazy! HOW do I find them in black? If you do NOT have one yet, GET THEM NOW! THEY are the perfect gift! I have four and I love them!

    • I did order mine online and did NOT get ripped off. Sad for those that did though. I got mine for the 29.95 charge plus shipping and handling. I ordered mine over a month ago, and no bogus charges appeared on my card. I have since washed mine twice and it sis not shrink nor did it fall apart. It is very comfortable and I have had no problems with mine, and had no hassles in the ordering process. After reading all of these AFTER receiving mine in the mail, I think I will just locate them at a local store and NO order on line. If YOU CAN FIND THEM locally, then go that way! BUT GET THEM!!! SO Much better than a Snuggie, as you can move around in them and be more comfortable in them!

  11. The company that sells Forever Lazy reminded me why I never order things from the TV. I decided to go to their website to order and thought I would order 2 different colors. What I did not know was that if you order 2 colors you are ordering 2 of each colors not one of each. When I got to the confirmation page, or what I thought would be a confirmation page, I discovered that I had ordered $131 worth of merchandise and the was no confirmation page. To find out the price you have to buy. When they shipped the product I found out the real price which is $49.95 each. Not $29.95 as they advertised. And don’t bother trying to contact customer service. When I first contacted them they said they said they could not correct my order because it wasn’t in their system. So I called back the next day and they told me that they could not change the order because it had already shipped. SCAM SCAM SCAM.

    I then contacted my credit card company and they had dealt with these scam artists. I was told to send back the items and make sure it was traceable. After that they reversed the charges.

    I found the same product being sold by Walmart. I ordered a single for $29.99 plus tax no shipping charges because I opted for ship to store. DO NOT ORDER THROUGH THEIR COMPANY OR WEBSITE, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! If you want the product order from Walmart, that way if it does not fit properly or is not as described you will get an immediate refund instead of having to have charges reversed on your credit card.

  12. This Forever Lazy was sent to me with confusing amounts totaling in about $8.50 shipping PER item INCLUDING the “Free” items, which is about $35 in shipping even though all FOUR were sent in ONE BAG. I feel completely ripped off, and they did NOT refund me, that’s robbery!

    • Send it back and reverse the charges. This can also be done with a debit card. If you really want it get it from Walmart.

  13. I too was scammed for the BOGO Forever Lazy offer. I tried to call but they said I have to wait 6 hours. I got the run around. Can’t the BBB put a stop to this by now. Come on, look at all the complaints. I am tried of this treatment. I am never ordering this shady crap again.

  14. Not worth it!! Do not buy this Forever Lazy!! I was charged $143.00 when I just wanted the BOGO for $29.99. It charged my card before I could review the order. When I called them immediately, they told me to call back in 6hrs. or maybe tomorrow. They could not cancel it because they did not have order yet. What kind of a business is this? This should be totally illegal!!

    • I did NOT submit this order, I tried to cancel and close out and IT WENT THROUGH WITHOUT MY CONSENT AND CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD!!! When the package arrived I was SHOCKED. I marked it return to sender and they ripped me off $35 in SHIPPING FEES!!

  15. Do not order this Forever Lazy! I just went through the same experience that all these people are talking about. Very BAD customer service. I was charged $143.00 before I could review order. I just wanted the BOGO. When I called them, they told me to call back in 6 hrs. or tomorrow because order was not in their system and I could not cancel. What kind of a business is this?

    While ordering two forever lazies, thinking I was getting a BOGO in two different colors, it was not until after I submitted my order that I found the total to be $91! Appalled at the cost of this order, I quickly hit the customer service button, only to find it redirected me to the homepage website. Since I ordered this product on a Sunday, I cannot call until Monday. Nowhere on the website did I find a number to call a real person. While searching how to cancel my order, it came to my attention that my order might not be able to cancel it. THIS IS A COMPLETE SCAM!

    Buyer beware! Read reviews and try to find cheaper knock-offs at different stores!

    Like many people on here, I’ve had a terrible experience since playing my order. I wish I had read all these reviews first.

    To begin, my husband wanted to get me the forever lazy, and when he saw that it was “BOGO” he opted to select a gray for himself while ordering my pink. Well….like many have said on here, it isn’t until the order has been submitted do they let you review it, so we noticed that rather than the $50 or so (factoring the extra shipping) we were expecting, it charged us $91 and since we ordered on a Sunday, I had to wait until the next day to call & question the order.

    The next day, I called & was told by a young man named Keith that it was so high because by selecting the gray, my husband really ordered 2, then we were getting 2 free, plus the extra shipping. Apparently the BOGO is same color. I asked him to cancel my order & was told it was too late, that it had shipped out. He did say that because of the trouble, he’d credit me back $29.99 to my CC. I said fine & left it alone.

    A week goes by and no Forever Lazy and no refund. I call again to get a tracking number. I’m told that my order is w/ USPS and I would have it in 2 more days. I go to the USPS website to track and it says the # is invalid. I called back, and was told it in fact was not w/ USPS but w/ FedEx. That, they FedEx the orders to your local post office, then the post office delivers them. Why am I paying so much for such a ridiculous shipping method?

    The center these ship from is in my hometown (in CT), no more than 40 min from where I live now (also in CT). I tracked it yesterday and it was in Massachusetts, and now it’s in Pennsylvania?! Are you kidding me?!?!

    This is not worth the trouble, just go by a blanket!

  18. This Forever Lazy is very soft, however the fabric is very light and the zippers and seams come unsewn after first washing. Not comfortable for sleeping in the zippers are hard on the sides. If not careful when unzipping the the metal piece comes all the way off no way to put back on. To sum it up I got to wear these once and I had to resew, took zippers out all the way very comfortable now, the perfect weight for sleeping in.

  19. I do agree with all the ideas you have presented on your post. They’re very convincing and can definitely work. Still, the posts are too brief for novices. May just you please extend them a bit from subsequent time? Thank you for the post.

  20. We ordered this Forever Lazy last November it was not delivered. I contacted them and was told to call another number for customer service due to the abundance of orders..after contacting this other number I asked why my cc was charged and told they will not hit my cc till my order shipped (LIE)….then they told my order will be filled in February (LIE) as to this day I have not heard from or received my Forever Lazy. My next order of business is to file a claim with the BBB about this company.

  21. I just bought a pair at Walgreens. So glad I did not order them online. I almost did…I liked the two’ fer one deal..but didn’t like the having to pay separate shipping and handling knowing they would arrive in the same box. That’s what stopped me from ordering online

    Other websites that also do the two for one but separate shipping and handling also don’t allow you to deselect the second one. You aren’t given a choice. When I ordered a magic mesh screen, their website was also very confusing. I thought I was doing the two for one deal but ended up ordering four with separate S&H for all four! WTH? But at least when I called immediately, I got a human who corrected my order right away.

    Any way, you may noticed them in stores in the “As Seen on TV” isles. That’s were I found mine (along with Pajama Jeans). They are thin fleece but comfy enough. After reading these complaints, I would still buy another pair, but only through a store. Or use the one I have as a pattern, upgrade it and make my own.

  22. Forever Lazy does not reveal total charge to credit card until after you placed the order.

    They do not reveal this since most people would just close their browser once they see all of the charges tacked on. The buy one get one free with socks added $32 shipping and handling to our order. They know that you can just dispute the charges with the credit card but most people will not go to the trouble.

  23. This Forever Lazy company has really poor to nonexistent customer service. I’ve been lied to repeatedly. Don’t order from them. You’ll regret it. You will be double billed and will have to pay individual shipping for each ‘free’ item even though everything is shipped together. That adds up to almost as much as the order itself. What passes for ‘Customer Service’ is open M-F 8am-10pm. I called to cancel my order when I found how high the shipping charges were. I was told there was to order in the system but to call back within 48 hours, which I did. I was again told there was no order. The nonexistent order shipped Friday at midnight. Sneaky.

    • I’ve filed a complaint with the attorney general for fraudulent business practices and suggest everyone do the same. That is the only way to see any satisfaction.

      • Have you heard anything or is it just another lost in the pile of complaints kind of thing. I am in the same boat. I cant believe this kind of thing has not been stopped yet. Its the worst kind of gotcha credit card theft I have ever seen.

    • TY, I almost ordered 4 Forever Lazy sets 4 Christmas as I watched it on tv. I’m glad there is a place to learn the truth makes me wonder bout other as seen on tv sites.

  24. Buyer beware. P&H for first Forever Lazy suit is $23–only the second set is $7.95 and first charge is not listed on website. Total cost for 2 suits is $91!!

  25. I assume the unwritten business plan of this company is to rip off their customers every step of the way, from the misleading and non-standard online order form to customer service which, in my case, had zero record of my order until after it shipped. I’m sure if I hadn’t called to complain, the order probably wouldn’t have shipped. I got ripped off for a double order, assuming the 2 for 1 deal would be automatically applied online (my mistake for assuming in 2011 that their website wouldn’t function like it was 1992).

    I can either be stuck with this stuff and a sour taste in my mouth or return it and get burned on the S&H charges, which is probably how such a shitty company earns most of its income…

    Shame on everyone who works for this company as well as their customer service departments. They’re running a clearly dishonest business and they’re all well aware of that fact.

    • What phone number did you call? I can’t find one anywhere that actually reaches a live person. I’m going to call my credit card company to try to block the charge.

      • There is a number for a live person but they are only there M-F 8-10. The number is 1-866-684-0473. They will lie to you anyway. I’m having a 3 way conversation Monday initiated by by credit card company. I don’t expect much.

  26. This is a joke. Ordered in December – called every month afterwards trying to find out when they would arrive only to be told a shipment was on the way in 2 weeks and I was at the top of the list. This went on from January through JULY!! 7 Months!! Then, just yesterday, I received an e-mail saying my order had been cancelled. LOSERS!!

  27. Total ripoff! Ordered Forever Lazy on 12/4/10, finally received 4/20/11. Thats 4 1/2 months! Just what I need, a fleece onesie just in time for summer! Good thing I popped for the rush delivery! and, after all that, no socks, and its way, way too small! Total ripoff! Hope someone starts a class action lawsuit! Sign me up! These guys should be in prison.

  28. I ordered two Forever Lazy onesies and got NONE. They are the WORST business online. I kept getting stories about it being backordered when I called them. They are LOSERS!!

    • Does anyone have a phone number? I also got hoodwinked into thing it was buy one set and get another set free, except for $7.95 P&H. They never showed the total until the order was already placed. So, I got charged for 2 complete sets and 4 times shipping – one each for the two Forever Lazy onesies and one each for two pair of socks. So, while expecting a charge of $46 I was shocked to see an order of over $90!

      I want to cancel the order, but can’t find a phone number other than the mechanical phone line to place more orders.

      I would appreciate anyone’s help with a phone number.

  29. I ordered a set of three of these 4 or 5 months ago, and still haven’t gotten them, nor have I heard from the company as to why. Buyer beware!!!!

  30. Ordered four Forever Lazy Blankets (plus footies and pillows) in late November hoping to have them by Christmas. Got an order confirmation on Dec 4. Then two of the product came before Christmas (no footies or pillows) with a note that the rest of the order was backordered. When nothing more had arrived by mid-Jan I called the customer service number from their website only to be left on hold so long that I gave up. Then I called their local number taken from the invoice I received with the original shipment and listened to a recording telling me how all the order status information is available with a click on the “order status” link on their website – of course there is no such link. When I finally reached a person on the phone, I was told that a shipment with my product was due in in early Feb. I heard nothing more, so I called again on Feb 11 only to be now told that the order would not be in until late Feb or early Mar.

    The sad thing is I really liked the uni-lazy that I did get. But what a joke this has turned into. I think these guys really blew a great business opportunity.

  31. 2/09/11

    I wish I had found this complaint site prior to wasting my time placing the order. Forever Lazy is now having a “2 for 1” special get two for $29.95 plus a second S&H of $7.95. It sounded OK . . .until I went through the ordering ! DO NOT ORDER UNTIL THEY CHANGE THEIR ORDER PROCEDURE !
    The order form was not clear to me at the time, it is abundantly clear to me now. I thought I was ordering one set of two but figured I would be given a chance to check the order before confirming it. After clicking the “Next” button my order had been “confirmed” but it wasn’t until I went through about 5 or 6 other pages of potential add-ons that I found out I had ordered two sets of two FOR NEARLY $60 WITH ALMOST $32 IN SHIPPING !!! I could have gotten a Hoodie Footie from Pajamagram delivered in some sort of cool box by Valentines Day for that.

    I called Forever Lazy’s “customer service” immediately to straighten things out saving both of us a lot of time and hassle but was told that they would not get my order information for 24 hours (when I will be at the hospital all day with my mother). I told the woman who answered that their order site should be changed and she agreed but added nothing nor could tell me what would happen in 48 hours. She was polite but spoke very fast (like she handles the same complaints everyday, all day) and the room she was in was noisy with other “customer service” people at least some of whom were with Forever Lazy.
    I will call tomorrow to see what they do. If I am not satisfied I will immediately call my credit card and stop the charges. And now, thanks to the comments of you folks, I guess I will be receiving my order when an odd-sized, bundle-up garment will no longer be needed, sometime in 4-6-8-10 weeks in April or May. . . What a waste of time so far, and more waste to come. I hope they do the right thing.

    Between these people and Amazon who disallowed changes in my order as soon as I clicked “two day shipping” for $17.00 that I didn’t want or need. Not worth the aggravation.

    Regarding the sizing: I had liked the idea that two Minnesotans or Wisconsinites or whoever they are came up with this idea it seems they are dealing with China, Bangladesh, Vietnam or some other third world country for the cheapest prices (you get what you pay for). A few years ago Tri-Fed (the body governing American amateur triathletes) had ordered uniforms and swim suits from China for the upcoming World Championships. The items almost never made it and when they came in they certainly were not made to fit a normal Caucasian body, they may not have even fit an Asian body, we’re talking tight swim suits. They didn’t fit anyone. Having experience in goods from over-seas there are certainly concerns with off-shore manufacturing, esp. with edible and wearable goods. If you think business is shady and under-regulated in the States, sometimes anything goes in any number of countries.

  32. I placed my Forever Lazy order on December 2nd. I contacted them and asked if I could get it in time for Christmas if I changed the color or size, and they didn’t even bother to answer me. It’s now Feb. 2nd. Still no shipment– and when I try to call, I get a recording saying that they are closed due to weather. Can’t even leave a voice-mail. There’s no link on the web page for customer service any longer. Who are these people, and have they ever heard of “service”– obviously not

  33. scam scam scam , good idea at first but what type of company backorders until mid Feb. For an order placed Dec. 11th hahahahah thats the best business ethics and customer services I have ever heard? who the hell is your manufacturing company ? They blow! Give these people there money back and work on your infrastructure so that you can deliver what you say your product promises.

  34. The absolute worst worst worst customer service in the world. Not only was my package a MONTH late, but when I finally got it, it only contained one of the three I ordered. I called them and they said, “oh yeah they are really back ordered, we’ll send the other ones out when they come in, in about a month.” They charged me for them, didn’t deliver, didn’t have the courtesy of letting me know they were backordered, and made no apologies for their complete lack of efficiency or customer service. Not to mention the one Forever Lazy I received is HUGE around the waist and short in the legs. And I’m a normal size person. What a waste of time. This company sucks. Save yourself the effort, because the product is no where near worth it.

  35. I ordered my Forever Lazy and received it in two weeks. The socks and neck pillow are on back order. I was hoping that the fabric was the same as the ultra soft blankets and robes we see everywhere today. The fabric is soft, but not nearly as soft as hoped. It’s very comfortable except I have to wear something underneath because the zippers are cold and irritating.

    To improve this Forever Lazy I would suggest:
    1. Use softer fabric
    2. Forget the back zipper and replace the front zipper with medium size buttons
    3. Be sure you have plenty of stock before advertising.

  36. I also placed an order & payed extra for express shipping. I called today & was informed that my entire order was out of stock & would not be available until mid- Feb. They promptly canceled my order, no questions asked. They seem to be “in” way over their heads. I think I’ll wait for the Forever Lazy to hit the stores.

  37. Ordered one Forever Lazy on December 14, 2010. Their website states “Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.” The site gives a promise to have it sooner for an additional charge. It states verbatim: “Normally, orders are received in 4-6 weeks, but for just $5.95, your order can be on your doorstep in just 5 to 7 days! You can be wearing your Forever Lazy that much sooner! Would you like to add Priority Processing to your order?” After tracking my order online last night, Dec. 20, and discovering it was backordered, I phoned today and was told the garments will “be in” in February, and the Priority Processing just puts me “further ahead in line for delivery”. When asked why the backorder status was disclosed at the time of my order I was told “our website does not have that capability.” What a crock! We have been scammed!

  38. Ordered Forever Lazy weeks ago for my whole family for Christmas….paid for rush shipping. Got my “order” today. I received 3 of the 15 items as promised. I got an email that my order had shipped, nothing said that it was shipped short. Now off to the mall to buy pjs for Christmas. Beware as there website is still advertising they can get them to you for Christmas. I will be sending back the 3 things I got and I had better be reimbursed ALL my money.

  39. After charging $16 for priority shipping it still took 10 business days to receive LESS THAN HALF of it. I got 1 of the two Forever Lazy garments and none of the socks or neck pillows. When I called in I was told the rest were back-ordered and I wouldn’t receive them until sometime in February. Wow that would have been nice to know. Perhaps they could have called or emailed to let me know they were not going to live up to their side of the bargain. Instead it took me calling and a 25 minute phone call to find it out. Never again am I going to order from this so called company.

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