Flush-Tastic REVIEW

What is Flush-Tastic?

Keeping your toilet bowl clean if your toilet tank is a mess is not easy but with the amazing Flush-Tastic, a double duty toilet cleaner cleaning your tank & your bowl is one flush easy. Flush-Tastic is an automatic toilet tank and bowl cleaner that scrubs your tank, jets, & bowl! With the Flush-Tastic toilet tank and bowl cleaner you can now put away that toilet brush because Flush-Tastic cleans the tank & bowl in just 1 flush.

Flush-Tastic uses professional strength, scrubbing-foam technology to stop bacteria and mold, remove mildew and slime, and eliminate scum, hard water deposits, mineral stains & rust.


How to use Flush-Tastic?

Simply pour Flush-Tastic into your tank, watch it foam and then flush! The Scrubbing-Foam Technology immediately activates millions of scrubbing, scouring, deodorizing bubbles that eradicate and eliminate bacteria, mold, mildew, slime, hard water deposits, mineral stains, and rust.

Using Flush-Tastic will make your tank looks like new in just a few minutes. Then simply flush and it cleans your jets and your bowl too.

Flush-Tastic is lemon-scented and chlorine free with professional strength. It is made of all natural ingredients that are PVC safe and safe to use in all septic systems too.


Get 2 Flush-Tastic for $12.99 + $13.98 S/h at the official website: TryGlowBowl.com and BuyFlushTastic.com | Order the Flush-Tastic automatic toilet tank and bowl cleaner today!

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  1. I ordered flushtastic and never received my order. I wonder if anyone has a number for them.

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