EZ Cuddle

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What is EZ Cuddle:

It is a contour pillow that claims to offer you easy access for perfect cuddling.
EZ Cuddle promises to be ideal for couples and kids who like to have a cuddle at nights when they are sleeping. It can be extremely comforting and it is known to help many sleep a lot better. But the problem lies in regular pillows that are not very conducive for cuddling. EZ Cuddle claims to change all that with its contour shape that lets you cuddle easily and comfortably.

EZ Cuddle works well because of its contour design

In fact the special design of EZ Cuddle is one of its major highlights. It means your neck is aligned properly while you sleep. As a result you can cuddle perfectly and sleep restfully as well. To use EZ Cuddle you can begin by slipping your arm under the arm bridge of the pillow. You can now cuddle pain free for as long as you want. And when you want to remove your hand, you can easily do that without disturbing the other person. It thus claims to be the best option for couples or kids for that matter.


EZ Cuddle is well made for your comfort

EZ Cuddle pillow asserts that it has been made from a single piece of 100% polyurethane foam. And that assures you of the fact that it’s not only comfortable but durable as well. Moreover the pillow is made in Canada, which can put your mind at rest about its quality. EZ Cuddle also has a dual sided entry, which is a smart design element because it lets you use the pillow on both sides of the bed. And it’s a smart option for those who prefer sleeping on their stomachs too.

EZ Cuddle offers you complete convenience

With EZ Cuddle you won’t be waking up with pins and needles, according to its claims. Thus you can start your day refreshed. The pillow fits all pillowcases; hence you won’t have to change linen. It is also machine washable, which makes cleaning it a breeze.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive EZ Cuddle for $39.95
  • Official website: ezcuddlepillow.com
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