EZ Bed

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It is fun to have family relatives and friends coming over to stay at your place. But the only problem you may face is making them comfortable especially for sleeping. Arrangements can be typically done by keeping extra beds at home which is a farfetched and costly idea. Some sofa-cum-bed can be used to do the job but requires a lot of manual pulling, tugging and pushing required to make the bed. Imagine there was a way to save on space and roll a bed right out of a small bag.This is exactly what is claimed about the new EZ Bed.


EZ Bed promises to be the best way to provide friends and family sleeping over with a cozy night’s sleep. As the name suggests, EZ Bed’s unique and highlighted feature is its claim that it can instantly assemble and disassemble itself within just a few minutes. This patented system of EZ Bed makes it compact enough to fit in a travel like bag whenever not in use. The moment one needs to use EZ Bed, all it needs is the push of a button that automatically inflates the bed using the in-built electric pump and does vice versa in just 4 minutes. EZ Bed supposedly comes in both single and double bed system with weight bearing capacity of 180kgs and 150kgs respectively.


The biggest advantage of EZ Bed over other flexible beds is said to be its compact size which in deflated position fits in the storage bag provided along which even has wheels for flexibly placing it anywhere desired. This makes storage in smaller homes a lesser issue. Plus the automation of EZ Bed with the in-built pump means that there is no manual work required for anyone to perform in order to make the bed.

Official Website-http://www.jmldirect.com

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