Eazy Bed Review

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All of us understand the importance of a good night’s sleep because it helps you feel rejuvenated and takes a lot of your stress away. But how often do you get that comfortable restful sleep? Do you keep rolling into each other and wake each other up at night? An inflatable air mattress can do the trick for many but the problem with the regular ones is that they can be such a chore to inflate and deflate every time. Thankfully now you have a smart solution that is Eazy Bed, which is a self-inflatable and deflatable mattress that has been designed for your convenience.


Eazy Bed

You don’t have to go through the hassle of pumping air in the mattress for a long time because it can do the job itself with a simple flick of a switch. A powerful suction motor is at the heart of this product that removes the air from the mattress and compresses it. Your job of deflating the mattress is done within as little as 3 minutes. You can also sleep comfortably at night thanks to the powder coated steel frame that is quite strong and durable. It’s just the right kind of a sturdy base without the discomfort of springs, bars, slats etc.

Your regular beds can get uncomfortable, which is why you often keep waking up from your sleep. But when you are on Eazy Bed, it’s like you are sleeping on a cloud. It will give your body adequate comfort, while you sleep undisturbed and get all the rest you deserve. There’s no worry about wobble in the bed, which can be another problem for many. And when the suction motor removes the air from the mattress, the concertina style frame will fold back down too. What’s more, you can also slide it back into the case.

Zip the case and you are ready to take your comfortable bed with you wherever you go and get good sleep.


What do I get?

  • Eazy Bed Double + Deluxe Memory Pillow
  • Eazy Bed Single + Deluxe Memory Pillow

All this for £174.96 + £24.99 P & H.Official website jcmdirect.com



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