Dry n’ Comfy Pillow Case

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You want to make sure you give your hair the best possible care. That’s why you prefer to go to bed at night after having applied oil or conditioning creams for that matter. The only problem with going to sleep with wet hair is that your pillow gets all soaked and can be ruined. Dry n’ Comfy Pillow Case is said to offer you a simple way of protecting your pillow. Thus you will not face the nuisance of having to wake up on a damp pillow when you have Dry n’ Comfy Pillow Case at home.

It’s water proof and stain resistant
Dry n’ Comfy Pillow Case claims to let you enjoy the benefits of your favourite night time hair care ritual without thinking about the dampness of the pillow in the morning. That’s because it is water resistant and what’s more, it also has a stain resistant liner. It only means that Dry n’ Comfy Pillow Case blocks moisture and oil from reaching the pillow. And that’s what ensures that it says clean and dry through the night. Dry n’ Comfy Pillow Case can also be used on the beach or by the pool to protect your favourite pillow according to the claims.

Made of soft comfy fibres
The secret of Dry n’ Comfy Pillow Case lies in the soft comfy fibres that are used in its making. They are responsible for keeping your pillow dry and comfortable all through the night. It’s also meant to be good for your skin, which is supposed to be an added advantage. Dry n’ Comfy Pillow Case also has super absorbent, premium cotton, which not only does the job of keeping moisture away it ensures that you don’t feel uncomfortable at any time.

It’s versatile
Dry n’ Comfy Pillow Case can be used with just about any pillow you might have according to the claims, and that’s what makes it so versatile for regular use at home.

Convenient and stylish for use
While you might be able to protect your pillow you are also thinking of the effort it’s going to take to keep this pillow case clean. But that’s not a problem according to the promises of Dry n’ Comfy Pillow Case because it’s meant to be machine washable. Dry n’ Comfy Pillow Case is also available in cool pink and blue colours to add to their style quotient.

Official website: dryncomfy.com

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