Drip Knots

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What is Drip Knots

Drip Knots are absorbent wristbands and headbands that absorb the water running down the arms while washing the face to save the sleeves, counter and the floor from getting wet.

Protect your sleeves:

Drip Knots states that it is a new age solution to the ever occurring phenomenon of wet sleeves and floor. Everyone faces a frustrating challenge every day while washing their face which is getting their sleeves, hair, floor all wet and even make the whole counter messy. But there has been no solution to this problem till now. Drip Knots claims to address this particular issue by providing a unique way of stopping the water with the ultimate design that can be used by anyone, anywhere to save themselves from the after-effects of face rinsing and washing.


Keep hair and shirt sleeves dry:

Drip Knots proclaims that it stops water from flowing away from itself and blocks it by absorbing all leftover water tricking towards it within no given time. Basically the design fundamental to Drip Knots is a set of wristbands and a headband that anyone can simply wear it on the wrists and forehead. Once these bands are put in place one can start rinsing and washing the face without the worry of water flowing away to the sleeves, hair and floor. This is because Drip Knots guarantees to not just block the water but is highly absorbent due to the revolutionary 100% cotton material. The patent-pending Drip Knots declares that they are nowhere close to a regular wristband or a headband which are just placed in the position but have a width that does not let the water flow through it and in fact the headband has a wide area where the hair can be safely tucked inside for added protection. Drip Knots is asserted to be readily available for use anytime and anywhere due to it light weight soft material that is machine washable and a design that has one-size-fits-all features. Drip Knots are allegedly effective in the bathroom and also great for spa treatments, washing in the kitchen and much more. There are 5 great designs available for Drip Knots – Party Animal, Perky Pink, Meadow Flower, Zen Garden and Ziggy Zag.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive DripKnots for $14.95, plus $6.95 P&H.
  • Official website: getdripknots.com
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