Dormeo Renew Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews and Complaints

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Those nights of endless tossing and turning, Isn’t it the time to get a good night sleep. Introducing RENEW Memory Foam Mattress Topper from DORMEO – the easy way to transform your old lifeless mattress into a memory foam spa like sleep experience or give your new mattress an ultra comfort lift virtually in seconds.


Dormeo Renew Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Its the instant mattress makeover. Why spend two thousand dollars for an expensive memory foam mattress when only the top layers of the beds are memory foam. Now you can simply add RENEW’s thick memory foam to your existing bed starting at under $100.The high-end Memory-foam is a space-age technology similar to that developed by NASA to absorb excessive g-force on astronauts during space shuttle lift-off and landing. Billions of vibrant visco-elastic memory cells react to your own body temperature contouring around your unique size and shape.

The as seen on tv RENEW topper always remembers when you get up it returns to its original shape ensuring that it will feel like new every time. This as seen on tv mattress topper fits over your existing mattress and revitalizes it and your existing sheets will fit over it without any problem. When you get the instant mattress makeover with Dormeo RENEW you will enjoy virtually no transfer of movement from one side of the bed to the other so you will not disturb your sleep partner when you get out of the bed. Not only is this as seen on tv topper the perfect makeover for your bed.
Transform uncomfortable pull-out sofa-bed.

Transform lifeless couches with RENEW memory foam mattress topper providing a comfortable sleep surface for your guests, easily pack it to take it for a camping trip, give RV beds a ultra comfort lift, turn those old futons into dream sleep surface. The RENEW topper is delivered using hygienic packaging method that provides clean quality delivered direct to your doorstep from DORMEO. It is easy to setup – just open, and your instant mattress makeover takes virtually seconds.

*Renews plush memory foam transforms any bed instantly!
*Plush memory foam contours and cradles your body for extreme comfort
*Evenly distributes your weight for a peaceful nights’ sleep
*Fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer
*Eco Friendly , 100% Recyclable!

Sizes Available

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Dormeo Renew Mattress Topper Reviews

Highly comfortable:
Dormeo Renew Mattress Topper is made out of 5cm thick foam which is soft, light and very comfortable to use it on any existing bed. When newly purchased it may take some time to get flatter and lay completely even on the top of a bed. Also after taking it out from its plastic sheet it expands in depth for extra comfort that helps support the entire body. The pillow that comes along with it adds to the comfort.

Perfect for everyone:
Dormeo Renew Mattress Topper has a very leveled foam which provides optimum balance and support without the extra bumps making it useful for people who have back injuries, surgeries, pressure points, etc. It also is very good for keeping the body well circulated which makes it the best choice for elderly people.

Easy Maintenance:
Dormeo Renew Mattress Topper comes along with a soft zip cover to keep it clean and away from dust.

Dormeo Renew Mattress Topper Complaints

It has been found by many users that Dormeo Renew Mattress Topper comes with a strong chemical smell which makes it difficult to sleep. It can even affect people having allergies.



What do I get?

  • RENEW Memory Foam Mattress Topper –
  • Soft removable cover that is washable, clean and dust mites free.
  • FREE BONUS – Anatomically shaped memory-foam pillow with temperature sensitive material for maximum comfort and two different heights for optimum neck and head position. A $70 value your absolutely free.



Dormeo Renew Memory Foam Mattress Topper Video


3 thoughts on “Dormeo Renew Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews and Complaints

  1. For one month I have Dormeo Renew _Eucalyptus_ which seems to be sold only in East Europe at quite different prices depending on a specific country.
    So far it does its job.
    The chemical smell goes away after about 3 days.

  2. I purchased a new Sleep Number not too long ago and thus far I have got to acknowledge that it was probably cash well invested. I was a tad modest about having to pay so much on a mattress in the beginning!

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