Dormeo Mattress Topper

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Those looking to get complete comfort while they sleep at nights have been offered respite in the form of Dormeo Memory Mattress. Or at least that’s what it claims because it’s made from 100% Ecocell, which can conform to your body and adapt to its natural size. The cradling effect that Dormeo Memory Mattress talks about can reduce the pressure on your joints and back and will keep your neck, spine and whole body in complete alignment. Moreover Dormeo Memory Mattress also promises to offer you several health benefits as well.

How does Dormeo Mattress Topper Work

That’s because Ecocell used in Dormeo Memory Mattress actually breathes and that’s the reason allergy producing bacteria are eliminated. Thus there won’t be any dust mites, which can have a harmful effect on your health. Dormeo Memory Mattress also has a cover that’s infused with a formula called Actiguard. It further stops the growth of bacteria and dust mites. Dormeo Memory Mattress cover has also been made with interwoven carbon fibres, Resistat and that is responsible for neutralizing static electricity build up. Thus overall this next generation mattress claims to ensure that you get restful sleep and get sufficient support for your body.

Dormeo Ecocell

Dormeo Ecocell is specially designed with an open three dimensional cell structure, which makes it expand in any direction you move in bed. And there’s a continuous circulation of air at nights, thus you are offered good comfort while you sleep. Unlike traditional spring mattresses that make your body conform to the springs, Dormeo Ecocell gives strong and adequate support to your spine and whole body. Dormeo Ecocell also claims to be unique because it is foam that retains its shape because of its elastic nature. Thus no matter how much pressure is applied on it, the foam will conform to your body.

Those who complain from restless sleep at nights, which makes them suffer the next day, might want to pay attention to the claims of Dormeo Ecocell. Ecocell is supposed to be the next generation foam that can offer users complete sleeping comfort because it’s adaptable, superior quality, anti allergenic and anti bacterial. Dormeo Ecocell is also meant to be environmentally friendly and can be recycled. Dormeo Ecocell adapts to your body well to let you sleep comfortably and it’s also breathable so that moisture is eliminated and there are no dust mites or bacteria to deal with.




What do I get?

  • 1 Dormeo Mattress Topper

All this for $133.27 + free P & H Official website



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