DORMEO Elevate Review

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What is DORMEO Elevate

As per the TV commercial it is a brand new mattress concept that consists of patented DORMEO technology called Octasprings that provides the bounciness a spring mattress will provide and the comfort and support that a memory foam mattress will provide.


The perfect mattress

DORMEO Elevate guarantees to help provide users a sleep that is the most comforting and rejuvenating sleep every night. It does sound very promising; DORMEO Elevate reviews will reveal the facts soon. Sleep is an important and integral part of life. Many people are sleep deprived or suffer from issues that are directly or indirectly related to a bad sleep. DORMEO Elevate states to help such individuals get a perfectly sound sleep easily with its revolutionary patented design. Although such fancy claims can be only substantiated once users review DORMEO Elevate. DORMEO Elevate claims to achieve all this and more by simply providing all the necessary features that a good night’s sleep requires. This claim can be proved only after we have analyzed DORMEO Elevate reviews.

Comforting design

DORMEO Elevate asserts to be a master in helping people get good sleep due to its ground-breaking Octaspring technology. Such technology is obviously new and can have validation of its efficiency only once DORMEO Elevate is reviewed. DORMEO Elevate declares to be very comfortable and due to its design it is 8 times more breathable than memory foam. DORMEO Elevate emphasizes that its hundreds of octaspring lining helps in supporting the body in an ergonomic way and contours to the body shape. This claim of DORMEO Elevate can be only attested once users review it. DORMEO Elevate proclaims that Octaspring is first of its kind innovation which is of a honeycomb structure. The eight reinforcements are lined with series of air vents and a hole in the center that lets the humid air pass through and away. DORMEO Elevate declares to have hundreds of such structures lined up inside it which makes seven zones of comfort. But is Octaspring really the answer for a good sleep? DORMEO Elevate user reviews will soon reveal the facts. DORMEO Elevate maintains to provide comfortable sleeping because its design is the best of spring and memory foam mattresses. Although there is much doubt whether DORMEO Elevate can really provide the bounciness of spring mattress and comfort of a memory foam mattress, which will be resolved with DORMEO Elevate user reviews.

Remarkable Features

DORMEO Elevate states to be of 10 inches thickness where it offers a medium level of pressure-relieving comfort along with medium firm supportive feel. Sounds too fanciful and too good to be true, only DORMEO Elevate reviews will verify it. DORMEO Elevate proclaims to be extremely helpful and cool with the CoolNTech cover that provides 360 degree wave air-mesh sides which makes it breathable. The cover is also dust-mites and bacteria resistant. DORMEO Elevate promises there is no flipping required to prepare using. At this point of time saying DORMEO Elevate is good or bad is incorrect and should be confirmed only once users review it.

Beneficial for everyone

DORMEO Elevate promises to be perfect as it has 5 body zones taken care of for providing an unmatched quality sleep. It basically takes the whole body and contours it as someone sleeps on it. This alone can be highly effective and helpful to those individuals who complain of overheating, aches and pains, restlessness, etc. Since its surface is much cooler the issue of frequently waking up at night will reduce to zero. DORMEO Elevate asserts to be very good for people who are not just looking to support their body but also is looking to wake up fresh for work each and every day. It is good for people who are under stress and need some kind of easy solution to sleep. Also if someone is looking to purchase their own DORMEO Elevate, it claims to come in wide variety of sizes. It comes in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California bed size. Once it is placed there will be no worry about it losing its comfort and bounciness over the period of years. Can DORMEO Elevate really provide the sleep we are looking for? Send us your reviews.

What do I get?

You get DORMEO Elevate for $1,999.00.Official website

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