Cushy Pet Pillow Review

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You want to shower your kids with all the affection and make sure they are comfortable at all times. It’s particularly true when you tuck them in their bed and want them to be comforted. Cushy Pet Pillow is what you need for your kids so that they not only get the comfort of a soft pillow but can seek company in their favourite cuddly toys too. Cushy Pet Pillow is not your regular toy; it is extremely functional as a pillow as well and will give your kids adequate support when they are tucked in bed.


Cushy Pet Pillow
At the same time your Cushy Pet Pillow doubles up as a cuddly toy, comforting your children when they are on their own. Cushy Pet Pillow is very easy to use and you simply unfasten it at the belly to turn it into an 18 inch pillow. Your kids could be over at their friends’ for a sleepover or want some comforting when they are feeling restless through the day. Cushy Pet Pillow will be the ideal solution for them as they just won’t have enough of it. What’s more, even grownups won’t be able to put it down.

Cushy Pet Pillow is safe for your kids because it’s made using superior quality soft Chenille. The inside filling is of light soft and plush polyester, which is what makes your Cushy Pet Pillow so huggable. In fact it’s been child tested for safety and is non allergic and non toxic. It’s also machine washable for your convenience and is colour safe too. Cushy Pet Pillow is recommended for kids over 3 years of age and makes for the perfect present for kids on their birthdays or during the holiday season.



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You can buy Bumble Bee Cushy Pet Pillow for $19.95 at



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