Cozy Lotion

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What is Cozy Lotion?

Trying to get the last part of your lotion out of the bottle is an almost impossible task and using freezing cold lotion on your skin in not a pleasant feeling. Here’s introducing Cozy Lotion, a warmer and dispenser that empties and warms your lotion. Cozy Lotion is designed to fit any bottle and always stays on, ready to dispense.


No messy transfer

Unlike other dispensers that make an ugly mess while transferring the lotion into the dispenser, Cozy Lotion works with all lotion bottles without the mess. You can use Cozy lotion for sunscreens and baby lotions too.


Always ready to use
Cozy Lotion is temperature regulated, so it always stays on making it ready to use at anytime!


Perfect for any place
Cozy Lotion is perfect for your desk at the office, bath sink or kitchen sink. Anywhere from 20-25% of your lotion can remain in the bottom of the bottle but with Cozy Lotion’s suction pump and warming unit you get the most out of the bottle, saving you money. Stop applying freezing lotion to your skin and fighting with the bottle to get the last of the lotion out. Get the most of your lotion with Cozy Lotion.


How to use Cozy Lotion?
Simply press the pump and Cozy Lotion dispenses warm lotion into your hands allowing your pores to remain open and absorb more moisture. Cozy Lotion leaves with radiant, soft and glowing skin.


What do I get?
2 Cozy Lotion just for $19.95 + S/H.

One thought on “Cozy Lotion

  1. Hello, I had ordered the cozy lotion warmer almost 6 months ago and still have not received them. I can’t even find the same website anymore from which I ordered them. Can you help me ?

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