Cozy Cup

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What is Cozy Cup:

It is an electric blanket that can be with you wherever you are and claims to keep your store bought beverages hot.
Cozy Cup promises to be a smart solution for those who like to buy their hot beverages on the go. We are hard pressed for time and can do with our piping hot coffee in the morning or any other beverage during the day. Cozy Cup claims that you can also keep these beverages hot as they should be so that you can devour them and enjoy their complete goodness.

Cozy Cup works efficiently for you

All you have to do to use Cozy Cup is slip your cup into it. The portable electric blanket will wrap itself around it nicely and you can get started by pressing the button. The sleeve will start getting heated up in a matter of seconds and your hot beverage will be kept warm for more than an hour, according to its claims. The secret of Cozy Cup lies in the Kapton Flexible Heating Element that has been used by NASA. The element operating temperature is also 150 F, which ensures that your beverages remain warm as they should.


Cozy Cup has been designed for your convenience

Cozy Cup has a flexible shell with an elastic band and as a result you get a perfect fit every single time. No matter what size cup you are holding in your hand, the electric blanket will fit it perfectly. You will also be pleased to find that it has a soft comfort grip that will remain cool to your touch. Hence Cozy Cup stresses that there won’t be any nasty accidents for you to worry about. The blanket is meant to be quite lightweight and is known for its flexible design. That’s why you can easily slip it into your purse or backpack.
Cozy Cup functions on a Lithium Battery that is also quick charging, according to its claims. It has an estimated lifetime of 2.5 years making it a long term solution for your needs.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Cozy Cup for $19.99
  • Official website:
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