Cocoon by Sealy Review

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What is Cocoon by Sealy?

According to the television commercial it is a unique mattress that will let you sleep like a baby every night with its foam like comfort and firm stability. It guarantees to be so stable that you won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movements in the bed or even if your pet or kids jump on the bed. The mattress asserts to stay cool at night and is cooler than other foam mattresses. It also maintains to be of the right firmness and prevents and even brings relief from backaches.

The most comfortable mattress

Cocoon by Sealy proclaims to be a mattress that will help you sleep sound and wake up fresh, something regular mattresses cannot achieve. If you keep waking at night because of bodily restlessness or wake up in the morning with a backache, it is most likely because of the mattress that you use, which is either too soft or too hard for your body. But Cocoon by Sealy assures to mould to the shape of your body and support it in all the right places so that you won’t suffer from backaches due to awkward sleeping. The mattress claims that it is neither too soft nor too hard and is just the right firmness. Its top is like memory foam so that it works like soft mattress but its under part is firm and stable and provides the support of a firm mattress. Whether Cocoon by Sealy can really do all of this is subject to user reviews, which so far are very few, so its capability cannot be believed yet.

So stable that movement’s won’t wake you up

The mattress promises to be extremely comfortable and so stable that you wouldn’t be disturbed by your partner moving on the bed. So even when they wake up in the night to go to the bathroom or come to bed late, their movement wouldn’t disturb your sleep, as the mattress convinces. In fact, it declares to be so stable that when you are napping and your pet jump up or off the bed or even if there are kids jumping on the bed, it wouldn’t wake you up. Not just your partner or pet’s movements, the mattress emphasizes that it reduces your own restless tossing in the bed and helps you sleep sounder. It seems unbelievable that a mattress can really be this firm and stable and before believing such claims, let’s wait for Cocoon by Sealy user reviews.

Lightweight and compact yet firm and supportive

Traditional mattresses are usually heavy and bulky. If you’re moving into a new apartment or getting a new mattress for your house, it is difficult to carry and lay them on the spring box. But Cocoon by Sealy assures to be very lightweight and compact; so much so that you can easily fit it in the backseat of the car and slide it right out of the storage box that it comes in And because of the memory foam it is easy to lay and open on the box spring of the bed. The mattress emphasizes to have a unique process of opening and after you have laid the small-profile mattress on the bed, it takes about 30 minutes to automatically expand and cover the bed completely. Even though it doesn’t have a thick and bulky profile like regular mattresses, its thin profile it functions just like other mattresses and doesn’t need deep sheets to cover it. However, before being tempted to go and buy the mattress because of this feature, you must wait for some more user reviews of Cocoon by Sealy.

Cooler than other mattresses

Foam mattresses can get hot at night and make you sweaty and uncomfortable but Cocoon by Sealy declares to be cooler to prevent discomfort. Unlike spring mattresses that lose their bounce and become difficult to sleep on, this mattress guarantees to stay firm till the end of time and provide support to your back. Whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach, the mattress maintains to have the right kind of body contouring and really keeps your body snug and cocooned through the night. The mattress is made of durable and high-quality fabric that makes it last a long time. It seems a bit fanciful that a mattress can be all that. If you have used Cocoon by Sealy and found all of its claims to be true then we would love to hear about it performance from you.

Cocoon Sealy REVIEW

Cocoon Sealy REVIEW states that Cocoon Sealy comes with a little windexy, bleach-like chemical smell. This is due to its bed-in-a-box packaging system that is used for shipping. The Cocoon Sealy REVIEW mentions that the smell however dissipates within a week. Cocoon Sealy REVIEW suggests not using the bed for first few nights to avoid discomfort or nausea.

Cocoon Sealy REVIEW says that it helps in getting a good, quality sleep. It can be deemed as one of the best mattresses to sleep on night after night.

Cocoon Sealy REVIEW reveals that Cocoon Sealy was firm on initial use and provided a little discomfort. But just like other memory foam mattresses, it required some breaking. Cocoon Sealy REVIEW mentions that after couple of days use, the mattress became much better and provides a sound sleep.

Cocoon Sealy REVIEW asserts that the mattress is very good at providing a good night’s sleep. The only drawback that Cocoon Sealy REVIEW states is that the mattress is thinner than expected. It doesn’t allow activities such as reading in the bed due to its firmness. Overall, it is a decent mattress that helps in getting good sleep over regular mattresses.

Cocoon Sealy REVIEW complaints that Cocoon Sealy doesn’t do its job well. It started to hurt the back within a week’s use and is highly stiff for the entire body. Also it doesn’t have adequate cooling feature and feels hot at night even during winters. It is hard to imagine how it will react during summer days.

Cocoon Sealy REVIEW reveals that it comes with a strong, pungent smell. It does wear off after a couple of days. But the mattress stays warm at night that can add a little discomfort while sleeping.

Cocoon Sealy REVIEW states that Cocoon Sealy is too firm and not at all comfortable. It is supposed to be soft and used for relaxing the muscles. Instead the Cocoon Sealy REVIEW claims that it hurts the back.

Cocoon Sealy REVIEW asserts that the mattress looks good on paper. According to the Cocoon Sealy REVIEW, it is too firm and can provide neck and back pain. Also it hampers the sleep by staying hot during the night.

Cocoon Sealy REVIEW reveals that the mattress is only assembled in US, the foam is made in China and cover in Ecuador.

Cocoon Sealy REVIEW says that it remains warm at night. Plus the chemical smell that comes with its packaging may linger around more.

What do I get?

You get Cocoon by Sealy for $849.Official website

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