Clever Cool Review

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About Clever Cool

Clever Cool states to be gel memory foam knee pillow that eliminates leg pain and backache caused by sleeping on your sides. Clever Cool claims that it doesn’t get hot between your knees like traditional pillows and provides soothing comfort on coming in contact with the body. The revolutionary pillow alleges to be great for people of all ages and sizes and brings goodnight’s sleep by taking up the space between the knees and remaining cool throughout the night. Clever Cool asserts to have a dual layer design of memory foam inside and soothing gel outside that de-stress the joints and deals with muscle pain.

How does it work

The thermo resistant cooling gel memory foam on the outside of Clever Cool declares to diffuse the body heat on contact instead of absorbing it like traditional pillows. Clever Cool emphasizes to have a comfort memory foam inside that conforms to the curves of the legs and cushions it to provide comfort without losing its shape. With this dual layer design Clever Cool assures to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night while dealing with the leg and back pain. Clever Cool proclaims to straighten out the pelvis and level out the back to eliminate the pressure on the joints and let you sleep tossing and turning because of heat or experiencing pain in the legs and the back.

Comfortable sleep through the night

If you experience backache and legs pain when you sleep on your side at night and keeping a regular pillow between your knees makes it hot and uncomfortable then the revolutionary knee pillow Clever Cool promises to be the solution for you. Maintaining to be made of gel memory foam, Clever Cool improves the natural alignment of the user’s body and provides cooling comfort while you sleep. Sleeping on the side stresses the joints and causes muscle pain by putting pressure on the natural alignment of the body. This makes it difficult to get comfortable and sound sleep because of the backache and legs pain and the heat caused by regular pillows only makes it worse. But Clever Cool alleges to keep the body naturally and anatomically aligned and reduces discomfort and stress to provide goodnight’s sleep.

For all ages and sizes

No matter what your age or size Clever Cool assures to take up the space between your knees while you sleep so that your back is leveled and pelvis straightened out. Clever Cool guarantees to be great for anyone who is active through the day and needs restful sleep so that they don’t drag the following day. With the innovative Clever Cool, you are convinced to stop tossing and turning in your bed at night and catch on sound sleep that is important to feel fresh and stay active throughout the day. With its benefits and providing you fitful sleep, Clever Cool maintains to keep health issues caused by lack of sleep such as headaches, body pain, and sluggishness at bay.

What do I get?

You get Two Clever Cool Memory Foam Knee Pillow for only $14.99 plus $9.98 P&H.Official website

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