Chillow Pillow Review

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The importance of a restful night’s sleep cannot be overemphasized. You look forward to comfortable sleep at night because it helps you feel refreshed enough to take on the rigours of the next day. But something as simple as a pillow that gets hot in the night due to hot flashes or night sweats can leave you feeling uncomfortable and ruin your sleep. Thankfully now you have respite in the form of Chillow, a brilliant new cooling pillow pack that will ensure that your pillow will stay cool all through the night so that you can enjoy undisturbed sleep.


Natural water cooling technology is at the heart of this product, which is why your pillow stays cool throughout the night. While regular pillows trap heat and get hot during the night, your pillow on the other hand will be transformed into a Chillow. Another advantage of using this product is the fact that it’s made using a soft hypoallergenic medical grade material. Hence it’s extremely comfortable for your regular use. Moreover it’s a non gel material, which is non toxic and latex free too. That’s why you get all the benefits of using this sensational product without any side effects.

You won’t have to go through any difficulty to use this product as well. There is no need for any electricity or batteries for that matter. And you can stay in control of the level of comfort you want; choose the cloth side up on the pillow for things to stay cool, shiny side up in the pillow case gets things cooler, while shiny side up on the pillow will cool things down further. And you also have the option of leaving the product in the refrigerator for 15-30 minutes before using it to get utmost cooling effect while you sleep. Options are endless with this product, which can be a relief from migraines, aching feet, headaches, fevers, sunburns, insect bites and muscle pains as you get soothing and relaxing comfort.



What do I get?
You can buy Chillow for $12.99 plus S&H of $6.95 at You can get another Chillow with your offer by paying additional S&H.


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13 thoughts on “Chillow Pillow Review

  1. This chillow pillow was a complete waste of money unless you want to use it as a cool pack. Otherwise I didn’t like having to put it in the refrigerator. it cooled off in about half an hour. Do not buy this product.

  2. Sorry I have mixed results with the Chillow. After you go through filling it water and activating it actually was inconvenient. First night it worked great but it does help me out a little and great for headaches. I think this a great product overall but just needs some improvements.

  3. August 9, 2013 at 12:52 am
    Carol Champion has it exactly correct – ONE BIG SCAM – 30 seconds into order process they have your credit card number, then force you to listen to a laundry list of all their products, and give a billing amount that is not even close to the “BUY ONE / SECOND FREE (+ $6.99 s/h)” . The process winds down with a command, talking as fast as humanly possible, rattling off a contact phone number for order discrepancies plus expected shipping window of 4 – 6 weeks. Don’t bother to call that number, as the phone is off the hook. If you call after business hours, you will get a curt message to call back during business hours. 30 seconds after order process that concluded with the “BUM’S RUSH”, I called to dispute charge with DISCOVER CARD and asked them to mail dispute form. Three separate calls to those clowns (operators in the Philippines), informed me that charge posted, but someone dropped the ball regarding dispute. Welcome to the new world of outsourcing and ignorance and deceptive business practices. I’m glad I am old, and won’t have to deal with this BS much longer. FINAL BIT OF ADVICE – DON’T BITE ON THOSE RIDICULOUS TV PROMO’s.

  4. I just ordered the Chillow pillow. It was an electronic person who kept talking & talking. I asked for an agent or representative several times, and she started talking about something entirely different. I ended up ordering more than I wanted to, because they don’t listen, they just talk. It’s a big SCAM to me, I wouldn’t recommend calling the line. Order it through “AS SEEN ON TV” you won’t get the extra 1 free, but they don’t understand that on the phone anyway!!! It ended up that my order total was $52 & something dollars. That is ridiculous. I just wanted 1 pillow & 1 free plus the S&H!!! Will learn my lesson now… can’t call customer service on Saturday. Will have to wait til Monday!! PO’d!!

  5. Misunderstanding while trying to order one pillow with the second one free plus shipping and handling for both! Please cancel my order!

    PHONE 928-537-8899

  6. Hate to be a pest but found several reviews on who may have resellers selling these.
    Because they have reports of a heavy plastic/chemical smell and they also report this item has to be filled with water (the so called activation) numerous people report this as having a very strong odor and a few called it noxious & poison like many say it works well and that you have to relieve air bubbles from it, while some say it doesn’t work at all for them and report their spouse as taking great offense to the Chemical/Plastic like odor of it

  7. I came back just to inform that this return to the Chillow site went directly through without the appearance of the rent or lease website offer??? This still has me concerned as a what if this site is one that is not a permanently owned site and is one that at some future point just vanish and the financial information acquired in order to purchase these Chillow’s are compromised??? What ever happened to C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery) These things that seem great and these TV offers should be ignored at least with the old COD delivery you could only get ripped off for the cost of the item that wasn’t the “ALL THAT” that it promised to be…This Chillow could be the greatest but I can’t risk my account information to these could be hustlers as the other website is and may not have anything to do with the legitimate & prestigious Cleveland Clinic!

  8. This is apparently a brand new item or at least an item that is attempting to move from the specialty segment. I was looking to get some info in just the same details as the questions posed by this site…I did see that Cleveland Clinic is a search engine hit for this product….I called Chillow from their website phone listing which is 1-866-649-5819 talked to a Hispanic man who was speaking with very clear English and only a hint of his Hispanic background. Unlike very sleek operators who won’t let you off the phone he answered my questions to the limit of his product knowledge.

    However, he could not give me a satisfactory answer to how or if the product had design fail safes as to if the internal seams had been tested to a weight limit on the Chillow pillow insert pad, My question of concern is: 1. Should the Chillow over time, age or manufacturing defect have an internal failure to keep the liquid content in its engineered confines within the Chillow pad fail is there absorbent internal chambers or material that would absorb the “Water” and prevent it from departing the Chillow Pillow pad and leaking onto the customers Bed and or bedding?

    The representative simply repeated that it was not possible for this item to do that.

    2. Has this Chillow pillow been independently tested?
    I got no response beyond the non-answer that it couldn’t leak the water out.

    This product has great potential as a trademarked product of similar underlying principal exists and is being used in expensive American made Medical infusion chairs employ the concept in a product called Liquicell it is I believe a more Gel like liquid but as an owner of one of these chairs I can tell you the “Liquicell” is awesome at keeping you cool and comfortable.

    I am not a paid spokesperson for either of these manufacturers and I hope to uncover the information of the Chillow.
    The phone person I spoke to was not high pressure and actually said I could place an order with him or their website which is unusual in that I had to ask that of him and these folks are usually high pressure to get that order while they have you on the phone….but getting to their website through the webhost seemed juvenile as it had a header to rent or lease the site??? Could this be because of the Product launch being a small time importer or a inventor trying to start-up on the cheap? I know $26.89 to get 2 of these is not your Nigerian money scam but I have to fear if the website is a safe and secure website to transmit my credit card info to purchase what could be the greatest solution to cool down memory foam beds and pillows!

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