Bye Bye Tears Shampoo Band Review

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Are you a parent that has a hard time bathing your kids especially while applying shampoo in their hair for the hair care? Kids run away screaming and can throw tantrums when asked to get a shampoo done because of the irritation shampoo can cause to them. Burning and itching of eyes is certainly not a good experience for them. But without proper shampoo hair is left unclean, growth suffers and they look dull. In such a scenario you have very little choice but to catch hold of your kids and apply shampoo forcefully. Even the so called No Tears Shampoo fails to do the magic. There is though one method which can help you avoid any fuss and ease the process using the Bye Bye Tears Shampoo Band.


Bye Bye Tears Shampoo Band
Bye Bye Tears Shampoo Band is an innovative product that comes to the aid of parents who are tired of putting their children through a shampoo session that results in a lot of pain. Shampoos contain an active ingredient called Sulfates which have an acidic ion that causes irritation of eyes. To solve this problem, new line of kids shampoos are developed that use surfactants instead of sulfates, which are less in quantity but still harmful to the eyes making irritation unavoidable with use of any type of shampoo.

Bye Bye Tears Shampoo Band is basically shaped in a hair band and wraps around the forehead of the child. The band stays put once slipped in during the entire process of shampooing. The revolutionary shape keeps shampoo from going into the eyes and locks the water and shampoo content above the forehead itself. It also has a patented Flexi-Channel which allows water to drain towards the back while rinsing hair. Its design not just blocks the shampoo and water going into the eyes but also from the ears.

Bye Bye Tears Shampoo Band is made from soft pliable material which fits any head size easily. It is the perfect solution to happy shampooing. Now on purchase of one Bye Bye Tears Shampoo Band the buyer gets another Bye Bye Tears Shampoo Band and 5 sponge toys shaped in cute animals to accompany the kids for a bath absolutely free.



What do I get?

  • 2 Bye Bye Tears Shampoo Bands
  • 5 Sponge Toys

All this for just $10.00 + $5.95 s/h. Official Offer

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2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Tears Shampoo Band Review

  1. Review Bye Bye Tears Shampoo Band

    Does Bye Bye Tears Shampoo Band really stop the shampoo from getting into the eyes and ears of kids like it claims?

    Is Bye Bye Tears Shampoo Band easy to use?

    Does Bye Bye Tears Shampoo Band fit any sized head?

    Does Bye Bye Tears Shampoo Band really drain water easily using its Flexi-Channel technology?

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