Bright Light Pillow Review

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As a parent you want to ensure that your children get the utmost comfort at all times, including the time when they go to sleep. But if your kids feel uncomfortable sleeping in the dark at nights, you might have a tricky job on your hand trying to pacify and comfort them. That’s why you need Bright Light Pillow, which will make your job a lot easier. These sensational pillow glows in the dark and offers a soothing light that will be extremely comforting for your kids. Now they won’t experience any restlessness in the dark and will enjoy a good night’s sleep and so will you.


Bright Light Pillow
The magic of Bright Light Pillow lies in its 24 LED lights that come on as you squeeze the pillow. It gives out a calming light, which can be very comforting for your kids. What’s more, you can be rest assured that these lights won’t burn out or emit any heat. When you tuck your kids in bed they can squeeze the Bright Light Pillow and the lights will come on and stay on for 15 minutes. Bright Light Pillow works on 3AA batteries and will do its job for hundreds of hours in all.

Bright Light Pillow also has a fun element to it because it changes colours; from red to blue, white to green and yellow. That’s also the reason why these pillows are not only suitable for kids but young teens can use them to add a funky look to their bedrooms, study rooms or living rooms. Bright Light Pillow is very comfortable and cuddly, which is why your kids won’t have enough of them. You can use these pillows for your kids’ nap time or when you are travelling with them, they are also perfect for sleepovers and make for ideal presents.

Bright Light Pillows are available in three exciting shapes; Beating Heart, Starlight Square and Rockin’ Round.



What do I get?
You can buy Bright Light Pillow for $19.99 plus shipping and handling cost of $6.99 at You can also get another Bright Light Pillow with your offer by paying separate S&H cost.


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66 thoughts on “Bright Light Pillow Review

  1. Bought a pillow as everybody else and the wires broke off. Found out why, the battery pack overheats and the solder connections get soft till the wire falls out. Be where after fixing the wires the battery pack will over heat and melt. pulled out the lights and melted battery pack and use it as just a pillow.

  2. I bought the bright light pillow today… It’s not working! Can you only turn on this once a day?? Please help!

    • You’re able to turn it on multiple times a day…. you must’ve got a faulty one if it’s not turning on, and did you put batteries in the pillow? It doesn’t come with batteries.

  3. I got a BrightLight Pillow for Christmas this year. It’s the pink beating heart shape. So far, this pillow has worked fine without any problems. I’m surprised at how many comments have stated that the pillows do not work and break! Mine is working fine. But then again, I’ve only had it for two days….By these comments I expect it will stop working by next week….I hope not. But so far, this is a great product!

  4. YOUR Bright Light Pillow IS CRAP, mys kids slept with it one night and they stopped working, CHEAP QUALITY battery case broke on one and the other just stopped working.AFTER ONE NIGHT! I WILL BE SURE TO TELL EVERYONE I KNOW, NOT TO BUY YOUR CRAP!

  5. My dad got me a heart shaped one for Valentine’s day because I was sick. It worked then and it still works now in August. I replaced the batteries once. It’s so soft and the lights are really cool. I’m sorry for everyone who’s had bad luck with them. I take good care of mine, and I’d get the blanket too if I had the money for it.

  6. I am very disappointed with the Bright Light Pillow. My mother purchased 2 pillows for my 3 and 5 year children. They absolutely loved them. Less than one week and the pillow stopped turning colors. I exchanged it right away because my daughter was so upset. The next day, my sons stopped working. It would turn off after 1 minute. Then I noticed the next day that my daughters was no longer working again. Total waste of $40. Unfortunately I threw away the boxes so now I cannot return either of them.

  7. I have had my Bright Light Pillow for about 4 months now, and it works. Like a charm! It is super soft and has amazing. Light colors! I Recommend it to everyone! It’s amazing!

      • I got my son one for Christmas this past year and it is still working. When we first put the batteries in it wouldn’t work but then my brother fixed it and it is still working.

        • How did he fix it? My daughter has the glowing unicorn she got for Christmas and it just out of nowhere stopped working last week. I put new batteries in it and i don know what to do

  8. Bright Light Pillow is terrible. We purchased the heart shaped pillow and square, both are crap. Battery pack broke off, Poor quality. Would not recommend this Bright Light Pillow to anyone.

  9. Tonight, the Bright Light Pillow battery pack broke off of the wires that make it light up. The same exact thing happened with the blanket last weekend. My daughter waited 2 1/2 months for the order of these two items–ordered in June I think it was. Then when we finally received it, about 2 weeks later, we received a recall notice from the company and were requested to return it for an exchange. That took another month to get the new blanket from China. I would say that the two items only lasted as long as they did because of the long wait and the recall! We were not rough with the items, this was only normal wear and tear as our daughter is nine years old and only used them at night. They stop lighting up and you look inside the battery zipper pouch and the battery pack has broken away from the wires–it is just that simple. That was too many hassles, in my opinion, to be worth it. My daughter, who was sick yesterday, cried when I put her to bed and had to break the bad news that it is broken. Makes me very angry as a parent.

  10. I purchased this Bright Light Pillow for my daughter for Christmas. I paid $20 for the pillow at a store. After less then a week the pillow quit working. I don’t have the box it came in or the receipt from the store. I contacted the company, and was told I had to take back to store for a refund. Now I have an upset 3 year old, a broken lite pillow that can only be used as a 12×12 pillow. What kinda of support is this? If you can’t stand behind a product, then don’t sell it. Apparently they don’t have an upset 3 year old little girl. As that is the only thing she asked for on Christmas. Thanks so much for a bad product. Spend a little less on advertising and a little more on customer support!

  11. I got the Bright Light Pillow for Christmas and I love it. But there is a problem with the product. When I turn it on, it will be stuck on a cycle of dim red lights. It won’t change AT ALL. If someone has had similar experience with this problem, please tell me. I would really love to know how to fix this.. or if I even can.

    • I am having the exact same problem. I got mine this Christmas as well and mine is stuck on a red cycle. I looked at the battery and turned the switch from off to on but that doesn’t seem to be helping. The best we can do is to change the battery. If that doesn’t help then I honestly don’t know what to do but it is annoying.

      • I was having the same problem so I took the battery pack out and the thing was burning hot. I opened it and it smelled like it was burning and the battery closest to the wires felt like it was on fire. I didnt even give it back to my daughter bc I dont feel it was safe. Guess this is another one of China’s finest.

  12. Hi! I love my Bright Light Pillow. My mom got it from black Friday for 3 dollars! My aunt ordered it from the company in November and it still has not come. My cousins were so disappointed and I feel bad. If you order from the company it will not come! Also, the blanket is NOT available they said then I looked up the commercial and it said order the Bright Light Blanket. If they can not give us then do not say it!?! Overall I love my Bright Light Pillow I have. It has great use.

  13. I had wanted one for my birthday, but ended up getting one for Christmas instead. It was a pink beating heart shape. I was thrilled and put in batteries that night. I squeezed it and it wouldn’t turn on, even though I had the right batteries all in and had it turned on. When I DID figure out where to tap it, it would only stay on for 10 seconds, much less 15 minutes. It also took multiple taps to even get it on. Over all, it was probably one of the biggest ripoffs ever.

  14. I bought 2 bright light pillows at Walmart for my daughter & niece. It was a lot cheaper I didn’t pay the $7 shipping & 0 hassle! I paid $20 for each so far it’s been 4 months & nothing broke still zips & lights up…knock on wood lol! I say forget ordering off tv, go to local dept store.

  15. I am 22 and I bought the bright light pillow for myself. I bought it at Walgreen. They also have it at toys r us. The pillow runs on 3 AA batteries and cycles thru a rainbow of led lights. It does not get hot and turns off after 15 mins. The lights are very bright. Its cool for a child or adult. I love it! It could be fragile if kids were rough with it because the wires connecting the battery pack to the lights are thin. Also it’s white so could get dirty. I recommend buying from a store and not the company that makes them because you will pay less and no shipping and you would get it much faster. The company takes forever to ship it. It is definitely worth the $20 I paid.

  16. Really…you don’t fulfill orders and worse yet lose orders but require email address and name…I am one consumer who has been enlightened by these posts and will not buy from your website….as I hope other consumers will do…in fact I hope no one purchases your product. Even in store as this will stop you from receiving any profitably ..a couple weeks back order is one thing…never receiving the product and pocketing the shipping money is quite another!!!!

  17. There is no quality control on this product. Very cheaply made. The zipper that keeps the batteries in the pillow broke off after just a couple days. The battery pack broke after about a week. Would not recommend this cheaply made china product.

  18. I wanted to get the bright light pillow for my kids but it just souneds like it is not a good idea.I could just get it from the Navy Exchange or CVS because you don’t have to order:D

  19. Please contact me regarding my order for a Bright Light Pillow. I can’t get a confirmation number nor can I get anyone on the phone. If I don’t hear from you within 24 hours, I will cancel the order as my order is time sensitive (needed for my grand daughters birthday).

  20. Ordered 3 pillows on July 28, was told they are on backorder until Sept. 6 via customer service when I called. Still waiting.

    After reviewing these complaints, I am going to cancel my order. Maybe something has been done with the company as I don’t see their commercial advertising these pillows anymore???


    • I ordered the bright light pillow(s) in May for my twins birthday which is at the end of June. They were running a buy one get one special. Called to follow up after 3 weeks of waiting. My order could not be found even thought I had an order #. Was told someone would contact me the next day. a week later I was emailed that the order was on back order. By the time they were ready to charge my cc card I needed to update them with a new card. They emailed me constantly to obtain the new cc. Finally, got pillow yesterday, September, 26. Only to find that I only received 1 pillow. When I called customer service the rep. told me they never had a buy one get one special and I could purchase another pillow at $16.99. This company advertises a lot. However, their order fulfillment is extremely slow and they lie. This was a horrible experience and I don’t even want to attempt to return the item because I am over it and them!

    • Never order Bright Light Pillow from the company! They only take care of their first consumers! Plus all they have is working teens. All they do is mess around with the phone. I know because I went there.

  21. I ordered a combo pack (the heart shaped pillow and the standard square white pillow) on 6/19/2012. The product remained on back order until 8/15/2012. I received only the standard square white pillow. My purchase price was adjusted accordingly. There is no cust. service number listed on their website and I was never able to speak with anyone about the delay in shipping. My daughter likes her pillow, but I would suggest avoiding this company. Had I noticed the lack of a cust. service phone number before I ordered, I wouldn’t have ordered. In addition no one can convince me that an almost 2 month delay in shipping is reasonable!!

  22. Thank all of you for saving me the trouble. Baby girl really wants this for her birthday, but thanks to all of you, at least she isn’t gon’ be disappointed.

  23. Read up on reviews before purchasing, saw that a lot of people were receiving calls for “free gas cards” after ordering from them. Saw there was a place to submit your email to opt out of these, and gave it a go.

    My items were back ordered for three months (which okay, perhaps an overwhelming demand) but only half of my order was shipped-the other items I ordered have mysteriously disappeared off the order and the email to contact someone (which by the way, has frequently changed) will not answer me back. At least I wasn’t charged for these items, but I’d still like to know where they went.

    Oh, and opting out of the free gas cards phone calls? Didn’t work. I received numerous phone calls from whatever third party and they still don’t get the hint that I opted out of these calls. Save yourself the hassle-wait until you find these in a store or a replica. This is the worst customer service Ive ever seen.

  24. I also had the exact experience, a month after ordering, order not found on the computer and the customer service wants to have you call different numbers to give you the runaround..Definitely disgusting that this company would go out of their way to disappoint children via an esteemed children’s television channel. I hope charges are eventually filed because what they are doing has to be criminal is some way! DO NOT order this product via phone or web, wait for it to show up in stores, that is if it even exists, I have my doubts.

  25. I ordered a Bright Light pillow online waiting for the opportunity to order the blanket as stated on the online add. You are not given an opportunity to order the blanket. Then I saw the add on TV today and called and ordered another pillow once again hoping to order the blanket. After going through several other offers for other services I still was not offered the opportunity to purchase the blanket. Since it is automated you can not stop them and ask. I then called customer service and they tell me the blanket is no longer available though both the website and TV add show it. Then they tell me to cancel the pillow orders I must wait three days and call the customer serviced back. This is a rip off. Wish I had read your comments first.

    • WOW! What a mess this is for everyone that makes a purchase from this company. I too have fallen prey to this company. I have tried for over 4 months to get my order of blankets and pillows. I finally received a shipping notice and tracking notice. The product never left California. Four days later I received a notice they were returned. How can something be shipped and then returned when it has never left. I called this morning and it is the same ole run around. We no longer have the blankets and so all of it was returned. I said how can a product be returned that never was there? Of course I get the “I don’t know the details” she only kept saying that it was returned because there was no blankets. I then replied one more time. “How can you ship something that is not there?” These people need to be shut down! It’s not a scam but it is a huge run around with no product. They do make money either way though. If you return them they get to keep your shipping money and if you don’t they make their money off of a defective product. HOW ABOUT THAT FOR A WIN WIN SITUATION! Wow!

  26. You can cal 1-866-305-1363 to cancel or check status. After reading many bad experiences I cancelled my order. I’ll just wait till they hit the stores.

  27. Thanks for taking the time to post your reviews everyone. You saved me and my son from a big disappointment.

  28. Worst experience ever! got hung up on twice. Rep did the wrong order and messed up an 8yr olds birthday.

  29. Linh says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    July 6, 2012 at 11:03 am

    I Finally received my two bright light pillows last week (Thursday June 28, 2012). which is almost 3 months after i purchase the pillow. I gave them to my kids. Within exactly one week. more than half of led from both pillows burn out. I mean only 1/3 led of each pillow is light up now. I still think if i should ship these pillows back to them or just forget about it. Cause bright light pillow return policy is ( they put down in the invoice that come with the pillows) ” If you are dissatisfied with this product for any reason, please return the product, postage paid, within 30 days of the date on this invoice in its original packaging and in re-sellable conditions. your purchase price will be refunded less shipping and handling charges within 4 weeks of receipt.”

    I don’t know if they will give me the refund due to the led burn out. Cause they state it clearly that you have to return the product in re-sellable condition. I mean They can’t sale the pillows that are not working right to anyone so i don’t think they’ll take it back.

    My husband told me to forget about it cause it’s not worth it to spend more money to ship these pillows back to them.

    I’m really disappointed about this. So I just come here to write it down here to let everybody know about this.

  30. There needs to be someone to speak to so one can check the status of an order. You have all these phone numbers not one live person to assist on finding out the status of an order. If it takes four to six weeks, it would be an important piece of information. Please get back with me with some information about my order. I ordered one pillow. Order #6286619.

    Talibah Wright
    1514 Rustic Dr

  31. I have a few questions for those who have bought the Bright Light Pillow.

    I am 11, and I am afraid of the dark, and my best (and favorite nightlight) Burned out a few years ago and have tried so many others, the ended up being very dim or burning out very quickly, and I cannot find the EXACT same one, So when I saw the commercial for the Bright Light Pillow and blanket, I showed my mother, and she wants to know what size (length and width in in. or ft. please) the pillow and blanket are, do they actually work, are the bright and colorful like in the commercial, and how long does it work until you have to replace the batteries?

    Please respond, I REALLY REALLY NEED TO KNOW, Because I am counting on these answers to maybe persuade my mom to buy me the pillow(s) and blanket for my birthday perhaps, so I won’t have to be afraid of the dark!!!

  32. Similar experience as the others on this thread. Ordered online and two days later received a phishing scam call who had my address and last few digits of my credit card. They tried very hard to get me to enter my entire credit card information. When I refused they hung up. Called the customer service # on the Bright Light Pillow website where I ordered and there was a recording and then nothing. Clicked on the link for customer service within the website which lists a different customer service # 866-305-1363. This # works and I was able to speak with a customer service rep. She informed me that the pillow was back ordered for at least 4 weeks. I explained my concerns over the phishing scam but she didn’t seem to care. She was very polite though I will say. I cancelled my ordered and am having a new credit card issued. Very disappointed.

  33. I ordered three pillows on Friday June 1st from the website, on the following Tues or Wednesday my husband received a phone call from the pillow company saying they were going to sign me up for some coupon type membership. They tried to get my credit card number from him to pay for this coupon membership and when that didn’t work, they tried to get his. They didn’t verify my order, they didn’t say it was on back order or even what was ordered they were more concerned about selling me something I would never use or buy.
    I filled out all the information necessary when first placing my order which was for THREE PILLOWS.

    Hopefully they’ll be delivered, but after reading the reviews here I might have to wait for the copy cat versions to start hitting the market.

  34. I placed order in early April 2012. Today is June 4, 2012-still no pillow. When I called customer service the guy had no idea and it took him 5 minutes to find my order. What a disappointment. I cancelled.

  35. Exact same thing happened to me too. Place my order on 04/02/2012 as birthday gift for my kids and today (May 30, 2012) i still haven’t received it. I try to looked up the order yesterday and today, it states my order cannot be found. I call the customer service number they said that my order is on back order and don’t know when they going to have these bright light pillow in stock. My kids keep asking me when do the pillow came in, they really upset every time i tell them “no not yet”. I don’t know what to tell my kids or what to do in this situation. I am so disappointed about this. Next time, I will wait until they are in stores.

  36. I ordered mine in April for my grandchildren. Now no one answers the phone, but states that you should access “order status”. When I looked up the order, it states my order cannot be found.

    I plan to make a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the Governor’s office, as well as all networks that carry this commercial.

    I question whether anyone has ever received one of these and I believe it is a scam. I will definitely call my credit card company to make sure they do not charge this.

  37. I too have had a horrible experience. First they advertise 3 sizes, but on the website only offer 2. By one Get one, is not clear. When I called about my order, they gave my a story about updating their system and to call back in 24 to 48 hours. So, I called everyday for about a week. I got the same story, and that they would send it to their highest authority. Even when I told them that I had an order number they still couldn’t find it. I called the order number to talk to someone to reorder instead of the computer, they told me that I could order from 3 different shapes. She didn’t know about the by 3 get shipping free. So that meant I would pay $6.99 per pillow to ship… for all 6 pillows!!! So, I decided not to go the phone route and back to the computer to get the shipping free. Placed order. Same thing happened. They can’t find the order!!! The customer service are all fed the same lines to tell me. In-fact, I was hung up on a couple of times. I don’t trust this company, do not attempt to order anything. I’m still waiting to find out what kind damage this little experience will incur to me.

  38. Well, I decided to wait for the product, as my 5 year believes it should arrive any day. I received an email today, May 10th, that my order was placed on backorder and I will be notified when the order is filled. They are currently waiting on additional inventory. This is the same thing they told me in Mid-April.

    I’m the first person to praise a product or service, and I typically do not voice my gripes. I just want everyone to know that this company does not complete orders in a timely manner.

    It might be a good time to place Christmas orders though???
    I still can’t vouch for the product.

  39. Same thing here. Ordered it on April 3 after my daughter saw the ad on tv. Received an email confirming order. A week later, a third-party company called to give me “free” gas coupons that would cost $29 per month. I just called today, May 1, and they told me it was on back order. They also told me they were going to put my order on priority and bump me up so that my order will be shipped first. I decided this was sketchier than I originally thought and decided to look up reviews. Thank you all for posting your complaints. I am canceling my order and waiting for them to arrive in WalMart!!! What a scam!

    • you can also opt out of telemarketing calls by contacting customer service it states this on the website at the bottom under Privacy Policy.

  40. The same thing happened to me! How can they sell our information like that?! I ended up canceling my order after waiting over 2 weeks for them to process the shipment. I wonder if the product even exists? I don’t know if it’s related or not, but now my cellphone gets TONS of telemarketing phone calls and spam text messages. Stay clear of the Bright Light pillow.

  41. Customer service and product delivery is atrocious. If you are ordering this product, order it in advance and do not expect timely delivery.

    I paid the additional Rush Handling fee for 72 hour delivery. That was 12 days ago. I followed up on the order Monday, and they removed the rush handling fee from my order. I contacted them today, and they told me my order would be handled in the order it came in. They have no information on when they will be receiving their shipment, nor when I can expect it.

    So much for pre ordering a birthday present. Customer Service does not exist, however they do have someone answering calls, which I’m guessing are mostly complaints.

    The worst part –
    Two days after placing my order using my credit card, I received a phone call from a third party solicitor that they sold my information to. He thanked me for my order, and was going to include a membership to something, that would only bill me $29.00/month. Of course I could cancel anytime, but I would have to call in to cancel. Finally, he understood, that I did not want enrolled in his product, and agreed not to include my enrollment.

    This has been a bad experience for me. Next time, I will wait until they are in stores.

    • well, I decided to wait for the product, as my 5 year believes it should arrive any day. I received an email today, May 10th, that my order was placed on backorder and I will be notified when the order is filled. They are currently waiting on additional inventory. This is the same thing they told me in Mid-April.

      I’m the first person to praise a product or service, and I typically do not voice my gripes. I just want everyone to know that this company does not complete orders in a timely manner.

      It might be a good time to place Christmas orders though??? I still can’t vouch for the product.

      For the record: My order was accepted on 4/8, and I am writing this comment on 5/10.

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