Bowl Light Review

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About Bowl Light

Bowl Light asserts to be a new motion-activated LED light for toilet bowls that turns the toilet into a gentle night light. Bowl Light assures to switch on and off automatically when you enter the bathroom or leave and saves you and your partner from a bright burst of light in the middle of the night. Bowl Light convinces to come in yellow, blue, green, white, aqua, purple, and red colors to be great for kids’ bathrooms and help them if they are scared of going to the bathroom in the dark.

How does Bowl Light work?

You do not have to fumble for the switch or be blinded by bright light suddenly in pitch dark as Bowl Light guarantees. Proclaiming to be extremely easy to use, Bowl Light needs to be just hooked on to any toilet and select the color of your choice. Bowl Light states to have motion activated LED light that detects motion and switches on automatically when you walk in and automatically turns off when you walk out. So Bowl Light emphasizes that you do not have to worry about forgetting and leaving the lights on all night.

Night light for your toilet

Waking up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet is a given, and you end up fumbling for the bathroom switch in the dark and the sudden light is blinding. But now Bowl Light promises to deal with this problem. Bowl Light claims to be a motion-activated LED light for your toilet that activates when it senses your movement and lights up automatically when you enter the bathroom and switches off automatically when you leave so that you do not have to worry about turning the lights on or off. Bowl Light alleges to be soft and gentle LED light that’s easy on your eyes even in the dark so that you are not blinded suddenly. Bright lights tend to wake you and also your partner up when you switch them on and that proves to be a problem for those who don’t fall asleep easily, like seniors. But Bowl Light declares to be so gentle that it will give you the needed light in the toilet but not wake you or your partner up.

A riot of colors

Bowl Light states to be a riot of colors and you can pick from your choice of colors from red, green, blue, aqua, yellow, white, and purple to go with your mood and also décor. Bowl Light convinces to change colors and you just need to hook the light on to a toilet bowl and push the button once and it will do the rest every time. Because the colors are so delightful, Bowl Light promises to be perfect for kids’ bathrooms too and toilet training will be less of a pain while kids will keep the bathroom clean by aiming at the right place. Bowl Light promises that kids will no longer be afraid of going to the bathroom in the dark.

What do I get?

You’ll receive 2 Bowl Light™ for just $12.99 plus $13.98 P&H.Official website

One thought on “Bowl Light Review

  1. Sopped working in four months, no respinse from company. If it lasted a year I would be ok, but not 4 months. Not worth the $, will try another brand.

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