BIOS Anti Snore Pillow Review

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Restful, good night’s sleep is absolutely essential for your wellbeing. And it’s particularly true in today’s stressful times because sleeping well ensures that you are well rested and ready to take on the world. But what happens if you snore at night; not only does it affect your own sleep but of your partner as well. There have been studies that reveal snoring can take a toll on relationships, which should be avoided at any costs. So what if you were told the solution for your snoring woes is simple and comes in the form of BIOS Anti Snore Pillow?

How does BIOS Anti Snore Pillow Work

Little wonder BIOS Anti Snore Pillow has become such a hit already; snoring problems are more common than one might think and they also have a more grave impact than one might believe. Regular anti snoring solutions that you find in the market are cumbersome to use and they don’t always bear results. But this smartly designed pillow can do the trick for you. BIOS Anti Snore Pillow is a lot more than the one that is meant to keep your head rested well, while you sleep. It is a solution for your snoring problems and you get results almost instantly.

Unlike traditional pillows BIOS Anti Snore Pillow has a special design, architecture and structure, which is the reason why it works for those who have snoring problems and sleep apnea as well. The philosophy behind the creation of this pillow is that you should get good posture any time of the day or night. BIOS Anti Snore Pillow ensures that, which lets you sleep comfortably when you are sleeping on your back or on your side for that matter.

With BIOS Anti Snore Pillow you have a pillow that won’t have to be folded in half or fluffed up so that you can rest comfortably at night. Not only will BIOS Anti Snore Pillow offer you respite from your snoring problems, since you start sleeping better you will see positive impact on your life with improved alertness, creativity, productivity, memory and moods as well.

BIOS Anti Snore Pillow FAQs

Q: Please clarify if snoring is dangerous or is it just annoying.
A: Yes, snoring can be very dangerous as it limits the oxygen flow to y bloodstream and cause problems like heart problems, stroke, depression, irritability, tiredness and more. Some studies have concluded that snoring over a period of time can lead to the shrinkage of certain parts of y brain, which might lead to Alzheimer’s disease. It can also be dangerous to the one sleeping next to you since she/ he too can suffer from all health problems on account of lack of a proper night’s sleep.


Q. Occasionally I sleep on my stomach. Can the BIOS pillow be of use to me?
A: Please try sleeping on y back or on y sides as that’s the right way to sleep. The BIOS Anti-Snore Pillow creates a natural spinal alignment that is ideal only for side and back sleeping positions. Although sleeping on the stomach may feel good for a while, you need to stop it because it’s known to create unnatural spinal positions in the neck region as it twists and partially blocks breathing.


Q: Can I place my confidence in BIOS Anti-Snore Pillow to stop my snoring problem?
A: If the pillow is used as per the instructions it should minimal snoring and the duration of snoring events. In experiments conducted at Stanford University, it reduced the number of snoring events every night by 78% and reduced the duration of snoring events by 86%. Snoring originates from various sources, but you will definitely see positive results if you use it correctly. BIOS Anti-Snore Pillow may even reduce or eliminate neck and shoulder pain. If it doesn’t work for you, it can be sent back and a full refund of the purchase price.

Q: Is the pillow comfortable?
A: Yes, the BIOS Anti-Snore Pillow is wholly comfortable. However, it might take some time to get used to sleeping with y neck in proper alignment. It is the only pillow that allows proper alignment of y spine and is adjustable to y body shape (it’s not one size fits all) and also has ear wells to relieve the pressure of ‘squashed-ears’ while sleeping. Its features lead to less neck and shoulder pain and headaches.


Q: I do not snore, so is the BIOS pillow advantageous to me?
A: BIOS pillow is beneficial for all. Sleeping properly with the spine in proper alignment will be beneficial to you and will result in a reduction of any neck or shoulder pain.


Q: How long will it take to deliver my pillow?
A: Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for regular delivery option. You can request expedited delivery for an additional charge.


Q: Will the pillow help me in neck and shoulder pain?
A: Yes, if you use it properly. Proper spinal alignment will certainly help you out with neck and shoulder pain.


Q: You claim that the pillow is FDA approved/cleared. How can I verify this?
A: pillow is considered a ‘medical device’ by the FDA and 510(k) number is 990871. Logon to the FDA’s website and type in this number and you will see clearance.

Q: How do I obtain maximum results?
A: To obtain the maximum results you must properly adjust the pillow and use it properly. It is not intuitive.


Q: Is there an odor from the memory foam pillow and is it harmful?
A: Sometimes there can be a slight odor when you first receive the pillow. However, there’s nothing to worry as it is not dangerous at all and goes away after you air y BIOS Anti-Snore Pillow for a few days. In addition to that, you can try and ‘roll’ the pillow like you roll y sleeping bag to make the process of airing-out faster.


Q: Will the pillow be helpful and safe for use by children?
A: Please note that the pillow is not FDA cleared for children.


Q: Are the pillow cases that are included with the pillow machine washable? Can thebe washed too without the possibility of damage?
A: Yes, the two pillow covers are machine washable. And the pillow can also be washed with a simple face cloth.

Q: I have used other memory-foam pillows and find that I sweat always. Will it be the same with BIOS Pillow also?
A: Please use a regular king or queen size pillow case in addition to the BIOS pillow covers. This should remove sweating to a considerable extent.


Q: Is the pillow of standard size?
A: Yes, there is only one size but it is adjustable. It can be adjusted to a comfortable height for y shoulder width when side sleeping and the neck support can also be adjusted to a comfortable level when you are sleeping on y back.



What do I get?

  • One BIOS Anti Snore Pillow $ 129.99 + P. & H.
  • Two BIOS Anti Snore Pillow $ 99.95 + P. & H.

Official website


BIOS Anti Snore Pillow Video

2 thoughts on “BIOS Anti Snore Pillow Review

  1. Cannot contact Biosmart Sciences via their website or their phone # 1.877.898.8880. My wife developed MAJOR neck & shoulder problems after about 3 months of use even after lowering (removing panels) to its lowest setting. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYONE, because it did not work for my wife, nor can biosmart sciences be reached via phone or through their website. My wife returned to using the WAL-PIL-O which we both have used for decades. It’s pretty dishonest to say the least, that you cannot contact these people ! ! ! Thanks, David. 11-26-2013 20:50PM.

  2. I am the Series A Preferred Stock Representative and Board Member. If you are already speaking with management, and would like to speak with the person who funded this Company from 2012-present, please feel free to call me at 310-633-3597 – Jeff L.

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