Bidet Buddy Review

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What is Bidet Buddy:

It is a water powered sprayer that promises to transform your toilet into a luxury bidet in a matter of minutes.

Bidet Buddy asserts that now you can feel shower fresh all through the day without any hassle. You want to make sure everything in the house is just perfect for the comfort of your loved ones. That’s also true for the bathroom, which is probably the most intimate space in your house. You might want to transform your toilet into a bidet but that can usually take a lot of effort and involve huge costs too. Does that mean you have to contend with the discomfort and irritation caused by rough toilet paper? Not at all because this water powered sprayer claims to come to your rescue and convert your ordinary toilet into a luxury bidet easily. Unfortunately there aren’t enough Bidet Buddy reviews to verify these claims for us.


Easy to install, easy to use

Have you been toying with the idea of converting your toilet into a luxury bidet for your comfort? Are you concerned about the costs and the huge amount of effort it might take as well? In that case this water powered sprayer promises to be a smart choice for you because it installs in minutes and without the need for a professional plumber. Could you handle the installation of the sprayer with ease? We look forward to hearing about it in your Bidet Buddy reviews. We will also go through Bidet Buddy reviews closely to find out whether you could get the job done without any special tools, pipe cutting or remolding required.

This water sprayer is quite simple to use on a regular basis as well. All you have to do is secure it beneath any toilet seat and adjust the water pressure with the turn of the dial. The spray nozzle extends to spray so that you feel shower fresh any time of the day. This seems like a far-fetched claim, which needs to be validated after going through Bidet Buddy reviews.

Offers you complete comfort and convenience

For starters, this water sprayer is a smart and practical alternative to the expensive standalone bidets. It leaves you feeling shower fresh all through the day, according to its claims. Importantly, it offers you respite from the irritating toilet paper. We will look at Bidet Buddy reviews closely to ascertain these claims. This water sprayer has been designed to spell complete comfort for all users. It emphasizes on the fact that it can be used comfortably by elders who lack mobility. If you have children at home then you will find this water sprayer quite useful as well. We hope to find out if that’s the case, through your Bidet Buddy reviews.

The water sprayer also offers you the option of adjusting the water pressure with the help of a simple dial. Thus it can be used exactly the way you want. Bidet Buddy reviews should shed more light on this feature.

What do I get?

You will get Two Bidet Buddy for just $29.99 + $19.98 S&H.Official website

6 thoughts on “Bidet Buddy Review

  1. The ball stop inside the unit is not lubricated, so in time it won’t totally shut off. I take mine apart and use a very lite lubricant (hair clipper oil). seems to work. I accidently put mine back together backwards, and it seems to work better.

  2. My Bidet Buddy is also dripping from the spray nozzle. Tried using a rubber band to hold down the handle but that did not completely stop the drip.

  3. Bought and installed the bidet buddy. Worked great for a week. At 3am one night I hear a pop and water spraying in the bathroom. It is the water supply line to the bidet buddy that has come loose and is spraying all over the bathroom. Luckily I was at home and close by so I was able to get the water shut off quickly. No damage done, just some water to clean up. If it had happened while we were gone it could have resulted in a large amount of water damage to the home. Beware.

  4. I love it excep that started leaking from the spraying nozzle to the point that I had to uninstall it. There is no way to adjust the leaking.

  5. Haven’t tried it but like the concept. I need something like this. But – Where does the water come from – the tank or the toilet itself? Yuk. Unfortunately it would be cold water – not that great. Would be willing to try it though fir the price since I have had my share of “accidents”.

    • the water comes from the water feed that enters your tank. it does not come from the tank or the bowl but is clean water from the water line just before it enters the tank 🙂

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