Better Marriage Blanket Review

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It’s the problem in the marriage bed that no one likes to talk about, a problem that can be called silent but deadly. But now, there’s a real solution to a very real problem, and that’s the Better Marriage Blanket! The outside of the Better Marriage Blanket looks and feels like a soft, warm comforter, but on the inside it has a layer of activated carbon fabric like those used by the military as a protection against chemical weapons.


Better Marriage Blanket
Flatulence molecules easily pass through the cotton shell and get absorbed by the carbon. The molecules that cause the odor are absorbed and neutralized in millions of microscopic pores in the activated carbon so it has an almost unlimited capacity for eliminating odor. Even when used on top of bed sheets, offending molecules are absorbed before any one knows they are there! Frequent washing is not needed; you need to only wash when the outer fabric needs cleaning, but “Refresh” the Blanket in the dryer or in the sun occasionally.

The blanket emits no offending smell after use and this odor absorption continues to last for the life of the Blanket. So, whether your spouse or you suffer from any health issues or from the effects of a disagreeable meal, you owe it to your marriage to try the Better Marriage Blanket! You have a choice among the attractive White, Beige or Blue colors. For your convenience, it’s available in Twin, Queen or King Size sizes. It makes a great wedding or anniversary gift too!



What do I get?
Better Marriage Blanket (Available in Twin, Queen or King Size and Choice of White, Beige or Blue color.)

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4 thoughts on “Better Marriage Blanket Review

  1. It wasn’t strong enough to deal with my wife’s military grade flatulence. We got divorced but at least we tried. I like being single and breathing free again.

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