Bed Boost

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What is Bed Boost?

Bed Boost proclaims to be a sleep system that revives worn out and sagging mattress instantly and lets you wake up refreshed and without aches and pains. Bed Boost alleges to give you individualized comfort whether you want to elevate your head or legs while sleeping to get maximum comfort.


How does Bed Boost work?

The sleep system asserts to use airlift technology to lift up the dips and distribute your weight evenly so that discomfort will be minimized by reducing stress on pressure points. It allegedly needs no installation and you just have to place the Bed Boost between the box spring and mattress and inflate it with the pump to give a lift to the mattress instantly.


Revives sagging mattresses – Over time, your mattress starts to sag, and sleeping on a worn out mattress can keep you awake all night and wake up with a sore neck, shoulders and back. Bed Boost claims that it can eliminate the dips and depressions in old mattresses, there are not enough Bed Boost reviews to verify if this is true. The sleep system states to contour to the shape of the sleeper’s body to give your body great support. One could believe this claim if there were enough Bed Boost reviews. Bed Boost declares that its pump stores easily under the mattress. It guarantees to give you custom comfort. You can allegedly keep it under the head of the bed to prevent snoring and bring relief from acid reflux. It sounds a bit too fanciful, Bed Boost reviews will disclose if it’s accurate. Or you can place it under the foot of the bed to elevate the mattress and bring relief from tired and achy legs. No reviews of Bed Boost are out yet to substantiate this claim.

Gives you individualized comfort – The system convinces to be so durable that it can withstand 700lbs of weight, Bed Boost reviews can prove of refute this claim. If one partner likes to sleep flat and the other elevated, the sleep system states to customize the mattress to give individualized comfort. This claim makes it seem too fantastic, but Bed Boost user reviews will reveal if there’s any truth to it. Bed Boost also assures to come to the rescue of people with special needs like expectant mothers by relieving pressure points to reduce discomfort. No Bed Boost reviews are out to back this claim.

The mattress reviver convinces to work on reviving your couches and sofa-beds too. One could believe this claim if there were ample Bed Boost reviews available. Instead of spending over $1000 on a new mattress, the system maintains to save your money. If this claim is too good to be true, read Bed Boost reviews first before buying it. You are assured to say goodbye to sleepless nights and back and shoulder strain for good very easily with this sleep system. Did the sleep system stay true to all these claims? Send in your Bed Boost reviews.


What do I get?

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  1. I order BedBoost in January and waited and waited so I called customer service 3 months ago and was told the order will take 3 more weeks that it was on back ordered, I called today 6 months later and was told the same thing it’s on back order and it will be another 3 weeks. I canceled my order. The customer service rep was sweet and feel bad that they will be taking all the flak from angry and disappointed customers for this bad company’s practices. I didn’t even want to give them the 1 star, but the review wouldn’t go through without it, because 1 star is too good for this company.

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