Bathtastic Tears Shampoo Band Review

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Parents usually face a challenge when it is time to bathe the kids and the task becomes more difficult when it is time to shampoo their hair. Kids find shampoos irritating and may even cry or run away screaming at the name of shampoo since burning and itching of eyes does not account to a good experience. But as a parent you know it best that without proper shampoo their hair might be unclean and a soft silky hair growth will be affected. Without a choice you might have to drag the kids forcefully for applying the shampoo. And even products that claim no tears fail to stand true. But now you can rest assured since there is one way of avoiding all this fuss and give your kids the fun bath they deserve using the new Bathtastic Tears Shampoo Band.


Bathtastic Tears Shampoo Band
Bathtastic Tears Shampoo Band is an innovative product which is designed to help keep the shampoo away from the face area easily. The main irritation of shampoos is the eye area which is caused due to the acidic nature of an active ingredient known as Sulfates. The No Tear Shampoos which are available in the market do replace the Sulfates with another agent called Surfactants which is less harmful but still irritates the eye in lesser proportions.

Bathtastic Tears Shampoo Band is a hair band which is designed to wrap and fit around the forehead of kids. The band once slipped on the forehead stays locked in its position during the process of shampooing. The shape is uniquely designed to avoid any amount of shampoo going through it towards the eye area locking the water and shampoo content restricted above its surface. The design is supported with a patented Flexi-Channel which drains the water from the back during the rinsing process helping to even block water going in the ear.

Bathtastic Tears Shampoo Band is a soft pliable material and can fit any sized head easily. The perfect solution for shampooing now comes with a special offer. On purchasing the Bathtastic Tears Shampoo Band the buyer also gets another Bathtastic Tears Shampoo Band plus a bonus revolutionary Gyrobowl for making snack time fun for kids, all at the price of one.



What do I get?

  • Set of 2 Bathtastic Shampoo Bands
  • 1 Gyro Bowl

All this for only $10 plus $7.95 P&H. Official website

Customer Service
Phone: 1-866-595-3723



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