Bamboo Magic Pillow Review

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About Bamboo Magic Pillow

Bamboo Magic Pillow claims to be a revolutionary pillow that is designed with perfection to provide adequate support and sound sleep and promises to provide comfort and coolness for the head unlike other pillows. Bamboo Magic Pillow maintains to be hypoallergenic and does not lose its shape when you rest your head on it.

How does it work

Bamboo Magic Pillow states to be so well-designed that it outperforms any other traditional memory foam based pillow with its distinct 3 layer design. The outer layer of Bamboo Magic Pillow is declared to be soft because it is made from natural and viscose bamboo fibers that have many advantages over other pillows, which is why it is perfect for providing undisturbed sleep. It is followed by a thin layer memory foam under it. The final filling that is inside Bamboo Magic Pillow is of memory foam chip or shredded memory foam for providing support and alignment.


The perfect pillow for perfect sleep

Waking up not feeling rested and with stiff neck, shoulder and back is often because of the pillow that you use. Usually pillows do not support your neck and back the way they should. But Bamboo Magic Pillow guarantees to give you goodnight’s sleep while supporting the neck and head. Bamboo Magic Pillow proclaims to have three layers with bamboo fiber and memory chip to ensure that the shape of the pillow is maintained when you rest your head upon it so that aligns and supports the neck while sleeping. The chip in Bamboo Magic Pillow assures to be highly effective in retaining the shape unlike other pillows that quickly lose shape when you sleep on them. Unlike regular pillows, Bamboo Magic Pillow alleges to eliminate the need to wake up several times at night just to adjust the pillow due to its special design. The neck is aligned into a more restful position using Bamboo Magic Pillow and promises to stay the same for any type of position, be it side, stomach or back.

Remains cool throughout the night

Apart from the highlighted benefits of supporting and aligning the neck there are several other advantages of Bamboo Magic Pillow, as its manufacturers proclaim. Firstly, since it is made from bamboo fiber it is naturally safe and is claimed to be hypoallergenic. This is perfect for people who suffer from allergies. Bamboo Magic Pillow proclaims to be free of allergens, dust mites and mold. Plus Bamboo Magic Pillow convinces that cleaning the pillow is easy since it is machine washable. It guarantees to be thoroughly cleansed without losing its shape. Bamboo Magic Pillow states another major benefit about its superior design. Ordinary pillows generate heat, which makes the sleeper wake up sweating in the night and suffer much discomfort. But Bamboo Magic Pillow asserts that it is designed in such a way that it draws all the heat away from the surface so that the pillow remains cool and comfortable for you throughout the night.

What do I get?

You will get two BambooMagic Pillow plus two Bonus Pillow Case for only $29.99 + $11.98 P&H.Official website |


10 thoughts on “Bamboo Magic Pillow Review

  1. Bought one in the store a few months ago only to find it was hard and smells terrible I can’t believe I paid anything for this piecenof garbage.

  2. It’s essentially packaging foam in a pillowcase. Paid an arm and a leg for shipping. It’s a total rip off. Can’t believe a “business” like this is allowed to exist.

  3. I was really excited to get these pillows, as I had seen them before at the fairgrounds but they cost too much.

    I finally ordered them online.

    They arrived quickly! Less than a week!

    However, I’m really disappointed with them. they are WAY too big and thick, and it hurts my neck because nothing is in alignment like they claim on their website.

    I want to cut it open and take out half the stuffing just to see if that will help.

  4. I ordered and received my 2 pillows within 10 days although the website said 4-6 weeks. Correspondence was accurate and quick. Had the pillows for 3 days now and find that they are much too full and do not allow for me and my partners heads to sink in to get the proper support. They are very soft to the touch however I woke up with my neck more stiff than ever. Going to see if it gets better.

  5. Hi, we bought these pillows to finally have the support we were desperate to get , only get the smallest shittiest pillows we ever seen, and when we called to return the very crappy product only to find out that you have to pay shipping to get it and shipping to send it back to then which is a total rip off! The pillow is not worth a penny !

  6. ordered March 30th and it’s now over two months later and still no pillow !!! Still on back order? I could have gone to china my self and got it faster !!!!!

  7. Buyer beware!!!!!
    After waiting three months for my pillow to arrive I was discussed to find what was inside!!! For lack of a better word it was filled with GARBAGE!!!! Inside there was shredded pieces of plastic, cardboard and hard plastic pieces!!!! And instead of nice white Clean foam it was filled with what looked like shredded pieces of recycled pieces of who knows what….

    Please don’t waste your money!!!

    If you have one I would check to see what your sleeping on!!!

    • It does not even give you sizes such as S/M/Q/or King. Not enough info for me. Glad I read Brenda’s report–Beware Buyer!

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